He says, She says: Delays, cars and churches. There's still so much to do!

Kates Horse and Carriage

Kates Horse and Carriage

Kate now has a second job to help cover the wedding, while also being injured! Hence delaying the wedding plans but we are still getting there ๐Ÿ™‚

He Says

Wow things have been busy! Kate’s got a second job now to put some more money towards the wedding, but has also gone and hurt her knee so I’ve been driving her around and looking after her. Wedding wise we need to start kicking some lingering things into gear. Can you believe we still don’t have a church?!

I’m pretty sure we have found the church that we want, but we want to check it out at least once more to see if the ballet near by will be too loud and cause a distraction. But every time we have been past so far to scope it out, it has been nice and quiet.

We finally started getting quotes for the wedding cars the other day. Initially Kate was talking about a stretch Hummer, but has since come to the conclusion that it’s not really romantic and doesn’t suit a wedding, which I agree with totally. Personally if I had the money, I have a nice classic ZH Fairlane in the backyard I would love to restore and have ready to use on the day. We are now looking at something more traditional such as an old Chevy or Bentley, something classic that suits the wedding. I also came to the conclusion the other day that it may cost a bit to hire the cars for 6-7 hours (the entire length of the wedding and time before the reception). So why not just hire the cars for a couple of hours, so that Kate and I can leave from the wedding in them and spend a couple of hours taking photos with the cars. Surely not every photo on the day is going to have the cars in them, and if we can get the photos with the cars in the first couple of hours, we can then switch cars and take the rest of the wedding photos in the remaining 3-4 hours. If it works out to be half the price, then we will probably do that. Kate seemed keen on the idea so I guess we will decide further when we get some quotes.

She Says

Over the last two weeks we haven’t done much in the way of wedding planning because I started a second job and have hurt my knee. But this next two weeks I have made it my mission to find and book a church. I was supposed to have one booked in February, and it’s been getting later and later! Luckily, a lot of the churches are still fairly free. I also want to get a quote for the cars and book a time to meet our minister for our first couples counseling session.

I had a look around at some of the wedding cars available here in Adelaide and knowing absolutely nothing about cars, I am going to book them purely based on looks. Strangely enough, Google wasn’t very helpful in this regard so I went back to the Easy Weddings website and looked through the list of cars in Adelaide. I was chatting to Donald on the phone while he was heading home from University and we were trying to guess how much the cars would be to hire from 11:30am to 6pm when Donald had a great idea! He suggested, why not hire the cars for the beginning of the day, that way we can use them to get to the church and for a couple of hours afterwards for photos! Then we can transfer to regular cars for the rest of the photos and could possibly save $1000 or so. I think it’s a good idea if the cars are going to be expensive for the whole 6.5hours or so. I sent off a number of quotes so now I am waiting to hear back.

Last night, I also watched a program on the tv to do with weddings. It was a reality show and everyone was constantly fighting and stressed out. Knowing me, I will get heaps stressed out closer to the day so I know that if I get more done now, I will have less to stress over when the time comes. One of the weddings on the show had a wedding planner, but the groom was not allowed to give any input into the wedding. I kept thinking that your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, so why wouldn’t you want to give any input? Another couple on the show was just constantly fighting all the time but who knows, maybe this is how they show their love for one another.

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