Deciding between wedding gift list providers

There are numerous department stores and online retailers offering wedding gift lists you might just be spoilt for choice when you’re searching for the perfect one. As with all other aspects of your wedding planning, it’s best to carefully consider all the options before you make your final decision on wedding gift list providers.

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Do you want the gifts delivered right away?

Larger wedding gift list providers may store your gifts for up to eight weeks after the wedding, which is helpful if you planning to be away on honeymoon for a long time or you are moving into a new house when you get back. Smaller providers may not have the facilities to do this. Remember that many companies charge a weekly storage fee for this service.

Do you need weekend or evening delivery?

Many couples want a provider that will deliver at the weekend or in the evening. Wedding planning and the honeymoon has probably eaten away most of your holiday entitlement, so you won’t want to book more time off to take delivery of your gifts. Some companies will only deliver gifts on weekdays which can be inconvenient if you are both working.

Do you want the option of returning the gifts?

If you are not entirely happy with a particular gift, or receive a duplicate from a guest who chose not to use the list, you may want the option to swap or exchange your gifts. Some providers allow you to exchange all your presents while others have a set limit of around 30%. A few do not allow any exchanges whatsoever.

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How many of your guests do not live locally?

Guests travelling from out of town will need to be able to order your gift online, or visit a store near to them, so you will want to choose a provider with stores around the country or an online shop. If you have a favourite local department store you’d like to use, consider having two lists to cater for your guests that live further away.

Do they have a wide enough variety of gifts?

Your list will need to include presents to meet various budgets so make sure your provider has gifts for around £20, £50, £100 plus. It is better to have plenty of cheaper gifts than a few expensive ones and many companies will let you exchange a few cheaper gifts for one expensive one after the wedding if you want to.

Do you loathe writing thank you notes?

Check that your provider can supply you with a list displaying the names and addresses of your guests, together with which presents they bought. This can save a lot of time and hassle when it comes to writing those thank you letters.

Would you prefer to choose gifts after the wedding?

If you’re moving house after the wedding and aren’t sure what you’ll need, you could ask guests to contribute to a gift card rather than individual gifts. You can then spend the collected amount after the wedding when you know how much you have received and what you need, and can take advantage of any sales or special offers. Be aware that some guests may feel uncomfortable giving money by this method.

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