Creepy confections for your big day

If you’re fed up with flowers or tired of tier upon tier of predictably pretty, icing-laden wedding cakes, you’ll appreciate Annabel Vetten’s attempt to bring her dark sense of humour to your big day.

You just may not be able to bring yourself to eat it.

Creepy confectionery: Annabel de Vetten's skull wedding cake is made mostly from white chocolate

Creepy confectionery: Annabel Vetten's white chocolate mud skull wedding cake

The German-born, English-based food artist specialises in creepy confectionery and her latest offering is based upon her favourite wedding theme: ’til death do us part.

It’s a three-tier white chocolate cake – decorated with skulls. Yes, skulls.

Admittedly, they’re white chocolate skulls, but that doesn’t really make it sound any more palatable.

Annable spent more than 100 hours making and baking, carving and shaping her astoundingly detailed skull cake, which was created as part of an exhibition of strange cakes for a local wedding expo.

She lovingly hand crafted the collection of solid chocolate skulls, which includes 16 carrion crow skulls, 12 domestic kitten skulls, three Vervet monkey skulls and the skulls of four barn owls.


“Cake is more than a sugary dessert,” says Annabel who last year made headlines with her all-too-realistic, life-sized, solid chocolate baby skull cakes.

“People love their cakes. They hold them up and take pictures with them…No one ever takes a picture with a salad.”

Interested couples can order Annabel’s skull cake with a choice of two cake toppers: a conjoined kitten skull or dried flowers from an actual wedding bouquet. The picture (left) contains a dried rose from her own wedding bouquet.

Annabel, who runs The Conjurer’s Kitchen, has made a living of creating sweets and other sugary treats based on human or animal body parts.

She says her creations lean “towards more unusual and creatively decorated cakes,” adding that though she “can also make reasonably  traditional cakes by request….the more unusual the request, the happier we are. Nothing is too weird for the Conjurer’s Kitchen.”

Nothing, indeed.

See more of Annabel’s creepy (and not-so-creepy) confections below:

 Would you commission a skull wedding cake? If no, why not?

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