How couples choose their wedding date

Save the date! Image: Brittany Janelle Photography

Save the date! Image: Brittany Janelle Photography

When it comes to picking a date for their wedding, many couples opt for one that holds special significance or can accommodate their needs. We’ve heard all sort of reasons, but no matter what, it’s your wedding and you can pick whichever date you like.

“It holds a special meaning”

Overwhelmingly, we see couples pick a wedding date that is in some way significant to them both. This is often an anniversary of their meeting, engagement, or even special event such as the date they moved into their own home together.

Couple walking together. Image: Ambrosia

Anniversary weddings. Image: Ambrosia

“It’s a family tradition”

Weddings are events rife with tradition, and your family may have one dedicated to the date you get married. Some couples may have their choices limited by tradition of other kinds, such as the need to be married in a particular church.

“That’s when the venue was available”

Peak wedding seasons often mean one thing: competition. Nothing is fiercer than the battle to claim a date for your wedding, especially if there are other couples, and other events, trying to book at the same time.

For many couples, their date is planned to be around a certain time frame so there is some flexibility in their booking. Just remember that if you’ve got a special date in mind at a popular location, then you need to book it as early as possible.

The George in Rye. Image: Anneli Marinovich Photography

The George in Rye. Image: Anneli Marinovich Photography

“The caterer we wanted could only work on that day”

A bridal couples might have their heart set on a particular wedding caterer, maybe one that specialises in Caribbean BBQ or Romanian traditional meals. When wedding suppliers are niche, it also means they have a limited availability.

If you just can’t imagine your big day without that caterer, then don’t be afraid to alter your date accordingly. If it is really important to you both, then it is worth seeing if you can make changes.

“We were free on that day”

It seems like everyone is busier these days, and that can have an effect on when a couple decides to book their big day for. If you’ve got a lot of events planned for a particular period you were hoping for, there’s nothing stopping you from postponing the wedding until a more convenient time.

After all, this is supposed to be your special day. Couples don’t want to have to feel rushed because their lives are hectic and they have to accommodate time for a wedding.

Unique wedding caterers. Image: Jennifer Langridge

Unique wedding caterers. Image: Jennifer Langridge

“Our venue was actually cheaper”

We’ve all heard of the peak wedding season, but did you know there’s also a, off-peak wedding season? Wedding venues can be eager to fill spaces and ceremonies at times they’re less busy, be it a day during the week or a date during a lull, and will, likely, be open to negotiating a price.

“We wanted THAT date”

If you’re a fan of memorable dates, then the past few years have provided plenty of particularly novel ones on which to marry, from 11/11/11 and 12/12/12 to 10/11/12 and 15/05/15 as well as, of course, 06/07/08!

“It was more unique”

Think winter weddings in snow covered castles – the timing of your big day could depend on a certain theme you’re trying to create. If your ceremony or reception depends heavily on a seasonal design, don’t be afraid to push your date to suit it better. No one wants a summery wedding in January!

Winter wedding theme. Image: Rebekah J. Murray

Winter wedding theme. Image: Rebekah J. Murray

“The honeymoon of our dreams was ideal for that time of year”

If you want to jet away straight after your nuptials, then the honeymoon you two want to go on might have an effect on the date you decide. Want to go skiing in the Alps? Then August is out of the question.

Couples that are dead-set on a certain type of honeymoon may set their wedding date accordingly.

“Our guests weren’t busy on that date”

We understand that you’re not the only ones busy, and your loved ones might have hectic schedules to work your wedding into. Some couples opt for a date where they know their nearest and dearest aren’t going to be as tied up; mid-year for example or on bank holidays.

It can be awkward to try and get time off, and it is especially hard to ask people around already busy times of year like Christmas. Couples will often take into account their guests’ availability also.

How did you choose your wedding date?

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