Contemporary ideas for alternative gift lists

Wedding gift lists these days are about far more than bath towels and tableware. Many couples are using alternative gift lists to register for presents that they really want instead of more mundane household goods.

honeymoon snorkelling

Here are six of the current wedding gift list trends:

Experience gift lists

Experiences could include race car driving, cookery classes, a VIP day at a favourite sports venue, a couple’s spa day, or a hot air balloon ride. Experience lists allow the couple to participate in activities or sports they’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t usually afford.

Charity gift lifts

Some couples feel that they don’t require gifts themselves, but want to provide something for people that do, and a charity gift list is a fantastic way to put guests’ kindness to good use. You could just ask guests to give to a specific charity, or you can put together a list of individual items so guests can see what they are donating towards. One item might be the training of a teacher for a school in the developing world, whereas another might be a farm animal for a poor family.

Variety gift lists

There are a variety of companies now offering different gift lists which allow you to register for items from many different retailers, as well as including lifestyle or experience gifts – ideal for those couples that are unable to decide on one type of gift list.  If you choose a variety list remember not to spread your choices too much or you may find you get just a little bit of everything, without really getting anything.


Lifestyle gift lists

Lifestyle lists are a new trend in alternative wedding gift lists, where guests can pay towards club memberships, or special interests the couple might have. Great examples include donations to health club or golf club membership for sports enthusiasts, increasing the wine collection of wine lovers, and purchasing garden centre vouchers for keen gardeners.

Honeymoon gift lists

Most travel agents now provide honeymoon gift lists where the couple puts down an initial deposit, and guests can choose to make a general contribution towards the holiday of a lifetime, or alternatively pay for specific items such as a diving experience, a romantic dinner, or a similar experience during the trip. Asking guests to pay towards the cost of your honeymoon is a very practical use of your wedding gift list.

Classic household gift lists

Many couples do still want to register for household items, but even these gifts are taking on a different slant. Couples are signing up for exclusive home ware like designer retro laundry pails, quirkily coloured clothes hangers, or unique cooking utensils. Old-fashioned delicate china is being replaced by chunky crockery in bright colours and patterns. Glassware is still a classic item on many gift lists, and oversized champagne glasses in unique shapes are especially popular.

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