Ceremony backdrops with some serious ‘wow’ factor

Amazing wedding ceremony backdrops - A good affair

Image: A Good Affair

All eyes may be focused on the bride and groom during the ceremony, but why not give guests a little something extra to admire when they first walk in? Here are 10 stunning ideas for backdrops that will add ‘wow’ factor to your wedding ceremony…

Floral fancies

stunning ceremony backdrops

There are so many beautiful adjectives that could be used to describe this set-up. Colourful, vibrant, eye-catching, gorgeous, indulgent, decadent and one-of-a-kind. But, at the end of the day, the one that suits it best is simply this: blooming beautiful.

Photo: June Bug Company

Mixed tape

stunning ceremony backdrops

If you haven’t heard of washi tape before, take note – it could be your ultimate decorating weapon. Loosely described as patterned masking tape, it has an almost unlimited array of designs and colours, making it an incredibly easy way to give a plain wall some wow factor.

Photo: Pinterest

Plating up

stunning ceremony backdrops

Using such simple, every-day objects as paper plates, a little paint and some twine, this incredibly eye-catching and inexpensive backdrop is anything but over-the-top. DIY and decadent, all in one go!

Photo: Allie Lindsey Photography

Pastel perfection

stunning ceremony backdrops

One pastel ribbon on its own is pretty, 10 pastel ribbons together look sweet, but when you start getting up into the three figures, the result becomes a sweet creation that has just as impact as the brightest hot pink ever could.

Photo: Steve Steinhardt

Going geometric

stunning ceremony backdrops

Bright eyes, bright smiles and a bright blue sky call for bright colours. And the beauty of a geometric print is that it allows you to feature favourite shades that mightn’t ordinarily go together, like salmon and Tiffany Blue. It is, quite literally, picture perfect.

Photo: John Newsome Photography

Green dream

stunning ceremony backdrops

This bride was fortunate to have a set-designer brother, who created this spectacular wall from scratch, using materials such as old fence boards and sheets of muslin that were dyed, stripped and then stapled to a frame to create a cloth ‘water’ wall. A real green to envy.

Photo: Katherine O’Brien Photography

Mother Nature

stunning ceremony backdrops

The great poets always describe love – and relationships – as a living and breathing entity that require the same care as you would put into a garden. So why not reinforce the message with a gorgeous green wall to backdrop the pledge to have and to hold.

Photo: Focus Photography

All lit up

stunning ceremony backdrops

We know a lot of ceremonies are held mid afternoon, but for a set-up this beautiful, we’d happily wait for the sun to set. It perfectly echoes why it is that romance writers always say that candlelight is perfect for all matters of the heart.

Photo: Emily Wren

By the book

stunning ceremony backdrops

The best weddings are the ones where the couple’s personalities shine through, and in this case, it’s pretty obvious this is one bride and groom that love books. You’ve seen ladders used to create great backdrops, but we think bookcases look just as amazing.

Photo: Jessica Claire

Stairway to Heaven

stairway to heaven

Not just a Led Zeppelin song title, but an apt description of this tableau, which takes a common feature of a garden ceremony and turns it into a gorgeous backdrop with elements such as candles , vases and mirrors. Simple and elegant.

Photo: Perfect Wedding Venue

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