We're getting married, but can we stand to live together?

This has been a busy couple of weeks, but we are now living in our own place.

He Says

As of last Saturday Kate and I are now out on our own as a couple in our own house.

It’s a rental house, but it still counts. Unfortunately it means we have been a bit busy, but things are starting to settle back down with most of our belongings moved in and set up and myself getting back into the Uni routine.

One of the main instigators for the move was so that we could get an idea of what it was like to live together, just the two of us for about six months leading up to the wedding and so far so good. We also came to the conclusion that we’ve saved everything we have to for the wedding, so why not move now and get everything set up instead of doing it closer to the wedding date which could just cause unwanted stress.

We’re also thinking that it’s not worthwhile spending the night in a fancy hotel on the wedding night, but instead coming back to our own place to relax, unwind and be somewhere we feel comfortable for all of the lovely wedding night activities. This also gives us a few hundred dollars extra to spend on something we want/need, or even put towards the honeymoon. We’re lucky in that the place we got isn’t far from the reception, the church and a lot of the possible photography locations which means we have plenty of time on the day to finish up with the weddings cars early, come back here and swap to our regular cars for the remainder of the day and the photos. Now to see if we can bare each others company in the months coming up to the big day 😀

She Says

We’ve been fairy busy the last four weeks looking for a rental property so that Donald and I could move in together, but we finally found a place and have moved in most of our belongings.

I’m really excited that it’s just the two of us now as I have never lived out of home before. As you can imagine, we have been packing and moving along with working which hasn’t left much time for wedding planning but we are fairly up to date with everything. We thought that because we will be living together after we are married, we would move in together beforehand to see what it was like before the big day and so that we can have everything set up now instead of stressing and moving around the wedding day.

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