Can I just email or Facebook my wedding ‘thank yous’?

thank you note in a pink envelope

We’re a busy couple. Do we need to send ‘Thank You’ cards to our guests after the wedding? Can’t we just email everyone en masse or Inbox our guests on Facebook to say ‘thank you’ for their gifts and attendance rather than hand writing or messages? It would be faster and much less work.

I’m sorry to break it to you, dear, but we’re all busy!

In fact, many of your guests would be as busy as you and your new spouse, yet they took time out of their hectic lives to share your special day.

Each has, likely, had to put off or reschedule something, perhaps they’ve even had to take a day off work or pay for plane tickets in order to attend.

Consider the effort made by guests from older generations, whose hip replacements creaked and clanked as they sat in cars or taxis just to watch you get married.

Not to mention all the people who bought you a wedding gift, whether you needed it or not and whether they could afford it or not.

So, should you send a Facebook message or a mass email to say ‘thank you’ to your guests?

No, absolutely not!

The most gracious thing to do if you’re worried about the time it will take to write to everyone is keep it send a short but thoughtful hand-written note.

Your guests will certainly appreciate it, just as you most certainly appreciated their gifts.

Though, in this day and age, we all value expediency, graciousness and manners will always trump speed and convenience!

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