The bride who married herself

Yasmin Eleby married herself (1)

When Yasmin Eleby turned 40 – and still hadn’t found ‘The One’ – she decided to commit the ultimate act of self-love: she married herself.

Yep, the Texan teacher, gave up waiting for her soul mate to arrive and held a wedding ceremony for one in January (2014).

Surrounded by 10 bridesmaids and clad in a vibrant purple wedding gown, Yasmin was walked down the aisle by her mother before taking her vows – with herself.

Marrying oneself, officially known as sologamy, is illegal in most parts of the world, however, throughout Africa, the custom goes back many generations among various tribes who celebrate sologamy as an act that joins the human body and human soul, to create a single ‘solar body.’

So, in the absence of a legal marriage to herself, Yasmin had a spiritual wedding ceremony, which was presided over by her sister, a minister.

“I really don’t have the words to adequately describe the plethora of emotions that I’ve felt over the past few weeks, particularly on Saturday, January 3rd,” says Yasmin on her Facebook page.

“I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support that was shown to me during my celebration of love and life.”

Yasmin, who loves travel, plans to enjoy a honeymoon in Cambodia and Laos later this year, followed by a trip to a jazz festival in Dubai.

“I want to encourage each of you to spread your wings and fly!” she said in a Facebook post. “You are not too old and it’s not too late to try something different, learn a new skill, travel to exciting places, etc….Don’t be afraid to take risks.”

Yasmin Eleby married herself Yasmin Eleby married herself (4)

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