Bridal dilemma number 2

No wedding would be complete without a drama or too – so far I have been very lucky and my dramas have centred around whether to include flowers or not.

I did have a slight moment of panic a few weeks a go. I keep all my planning paperwork in my Easy Weddings Planning Folder – however I do have a smaller folder for things to take to meetings, one of these was my birth certificate that my wonderful dad went all the way to Fiji to get for me.  Since I wasn’t born in Australia – it wasn’t as simple as traipsing down to the BDM office!

Easy Weddings Planning Folder

Easy Weddings Planning Folder

Over the last month Craig and I have been packing – as we have moved into our very first home together. Yay!

In all the chaos I managed to misplace this small folder – and my birth certificate with it…Needless to say I was slightly distraught.  My worst fear was that in the frenzy of cleaning and culling I had thrown out the folder.

It was however,  so safely packed not even I could have worked out which box it was in – until I started unpacking them all. Neatly wedged between a Melbourne Bride and a Cosmo Bride was my folder <insert happy dance here>.

Disaster averted – and now that the moving is all done I can focus on my DIY projects – the cake toppers, wishing well and invitations.

So have you guys misplaced something really important in your wedding planning? Did you manage to find it?

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