Bouquet toss: Guest dives over balcony to catch bouquet

This over-enthusiastic guest gives a new meaning to the term ‘head over heels’ having been so determined to catch the bouquet at a friend’s wedding over the weekend, she threw herself over a balcony railing.

It’s OK, we’re informed that she wasn’t hurt (and only suffered a small scratch) as she didn’t tumble far, just over a railing into a pile of plants, but the video of her heroic AFL-style bouquet tackle has gone viral on YouTube, having been reported on all over the globe.

The video shows a bride throwing a small posy at a group of friends who are standing on one side of a small garden area. They all make a fair attempt at catching it, but when it doesn’t quite make it over the mini guardian and balcony area, one valiant guest pushes her way to the front and dives into the garden to try to grab the bouquet.

Unfortunately, she miscalculates the height and goes head over heels into the plants.

Apparently, the bouquet-mad guest wasn’t the only competitive one at the wedding. We’re told the garter toss was similarly eventful with one of the blokes at the wedding using the very same barriers to leap high into the air to catch the bride’s garter.

We hope they swapped numbers. Sounds like a match made in heaven…

Wedding guest dives over balcony to catch bouquet Wedding guest dives over balcony to catch bouquet Wedding guest dives over balcony to catch bouquet

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