Bloke proposes – at someone else’s wedding – right in front of the bridal table…

Image: Reddit

Image: Reddit

Oh, dear! In what is being dubbed the worst case of stealing one’s thunder, a seemingly indifferent chap has gotten down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend – at someone else’s wedding, and right in front of the bridal table, no less.

An image uploaded to reddit over the weekend shows a woman in a salmon coloured gown becoming teary after her beau gets down on one knee and holds out an engagement ring. In the background, the bride and groom, whose wedding the couple are attending, can be seen smiling graciously and, hopefully, genuinely.

However, the image has led to more than 2500 comments, most of them negative, very, very negative, being left on the post.

Reddit user RGDole wrote, “I think it’s a little wrong to try and steal the spotlight from someone on a day like that… seriously you had 364 other days to pick from” and PowayMermaid added, “I’d like to think I’ll be laid back about my wedding. But this picture fills me with fury the power of a thousand suns.

Another, more vocal user, Monilicious, says “That is fu**ing rude. I would have flipped that table and punched them both in the throat. Then had some cake.”

But not everyone was quite so one-eyed. Reddit user IAmNotCreative712 wrote, rather generously, that “I’m getting married in a year and I would be honestly ecstatic if someone did this at my wedding. Weddings are about love so celebrate it.

Yet, despite the thousands of varied reactions, it appears this was hardly an isolated incident.

ThePlantSoiledItself said, “During my wedding, my brother in law proposed to his girlfriend. It was horrible. We don’t talk anymore” while user KourtBard took the, erm, wedding cake saying, “My great-grandfather once proposed to his wife’s sister…at said wife’s funeral. His sons didn’t speak to him for years afterward.

But the final say goes to the more measured responses which suggest the bride and groom may have not only known about the proposal beforehand, they may have given permission. TheTutor says, “Hopefully he got permission of the married couple first” while IThinkMyUsernameIsUnimportant declared, “The happy optimist in me says they are close friends and the bride&groom knew ahead of time & we’re happy to share this moment.

Well, we can only hope they did know – and we also hope she said, “yes!”

What do you think? Is proposing at someone else’s wedding ever OK?

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