11 awkward situations brides find themselves in

As a bride-to-be you may encounter some exasperating, embarrassing or uncomfortable situations during your journey towards making it down the aisle. Here are 11 awkward situations brides find themselves in…

When your mother-in-law suggests centrepieces you hate

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Yeah, I’m going to have to stop you there…

When your fiance says ‘the boys are keeping the Bachelor party a secret’

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Come again?

When you receive five of the same toasters

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Thanks so much! But this is totally why I made a gift registry, which you chose to ignore in order to buy me something ‘I really need.’

When a bridesmaid texts you in group chat saying she doesn’t want to wear a blue dress because it doesn’t ‘bring out her eyes’ the same way green does

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Hmm… remind me who’s wedding this is again?

When your mother/mother-in-law/sister/cousin tries to give you wedding night tips

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Please stop.

When your bridesmaids gift you a sex related present at your Bachelorette party in front of your conservative aunt Judith

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Haha thanks guys…

When your mum is feeling herself a little too much in her M.O.B outfit

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Seriously, mother. Today is about me, not you.

When someone asks you how soon after the wedding you plan to have children

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When you realise how hard it is to pee in your wedding dress

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This is harder than it looks…

When someone jokes about proposing to their S.O at your wedding

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HAHAHAHA that’s a GREAT joke!

When your bridesmaid keeps commenting on how good one of the groomsmen looks

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