My aunties can’t attend my wedding. Do I have to send them an invitation?

I know my aunties cannot attend my wedding but do I still need to invite them
I know that two of my aunties who live overseas cannot/will not be attending my wedding next year. They’ve said they’d love to, but simply cannot afford the trip. Of course, I’d love them to come, but I know they can’t. So, am I still supposed to send them an invitation?

The phrase ‘supposed to’ crops up far too much when it comes to wedding  planning and, well, it really has little place when it comes to modern weddings.

It’s your wedding, so, as we always say, you don’t have to do anything other than fulfill the legal obligations of getting married. Therefore, you don’t have to send invitations to anyone you don’t want to.

That said, if you’re close to your aunts, and would love them to come should they suddenly find a money tree to fund a plane ticket, we say send them an invitation.

It might serve no real purpose but it’s a lovely gesture, which underlines to them  how much you would have loved them to share your big day.

They’ll be really happy to receive an invitation despite the fact that you know they aren’t coming!

Did you send invitations to people you knew couldn’t attend your wedding?

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