Another success… our videographer is booked!

He says:

Dreamlife Photo & Video!

Dreamlife Photo & Video!

Once we decided a video was something we wanted to do, Dreamlife Photo’s & Video were the only option.

Our meeting was great and there is no doubt now that our video will match (if not slightly enhance) everything our wedding is on the day.  Dreamlife Photo’s & Video encourage input to personalise your video, which means, not only do you get to select the music, but you can have final say on the edit and composition of your video.

And hey, if we get enough votes we will make it Bollywood themed… just kidding we’ve already decided on sci-fi theme.

She says:

What a successful day – we had our meeting with Dreamlife Photos & Video and, in short, we are stoked!

We had such a good chat and are really excited to work with them. They really understood my issues with cameras and are more than happy to tailor their approach to our style (and also to cater for my hang-ups about being in front of a camera!). Their approach is subtle and it really felt like they wanted to collaborate with us as opposed to dictate what they do.

Can’t wait!

Another item on the list ticked! Absolutely kicking goals!

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