The Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duo

Mmmm where do I begin..

I’m Angie. Think of a clumsy, accident prone, fun loving gal and there you have me.

If you look in my handbag, you’d more often than not find a mini screwdriver set or a tube of superglue, sometimes even BOTH. Oh, and also my must have item Lucas Pawpaw Ointment!!

This stuff’s the BEST!! Great for keeping your lips nice and smooth, especially through those chilly months & as a replacement for mascara if you’ve got none on hand!!!!!

Now I can just imagine what you’re thinking right at this minute, “What the heck is wrong with this girl?? Is she out of her mind?? OR is she just plain crazy??”

Let’s put all those thoughts to rest! Well maybe not all, coz even I have to admit that there’s a craziness to me, which in an ironic way, also helps to keep me sane.

Now back to the weird things in my bag. Those are some of my daily work tools.

I’m an IT Analyst and work for a law firm. And boy do I LOVE it!! I’m proud to say that I AM A GEEK…LOL with a certain level of style thrown into the mix.

I’m a gal that can pull apart a computer and then put it all back together again without cringing. I’m probably one of the only few people I know off who can honestly say that they’re paid to do what they would class as their hobby!!

I like nice clothes, bags, shoes, jewlery and basically anything girly. I’m also one heck of a lazy shopper, so my wardrobe is STILL waiting to be filled. Go figure huh?

Phuong’s my soon to be better half. He’s 4 years younger than me, but with the way we act around each other, you’d probably never pick it. Or maybe I’m just immature??

He’s the smart, analytical one. Great with numbers & budgeting or else I’d probably still be paying of all my debts!!

Gotta give it to him! He sure did a great job of weaning me of those plastic habits!! I know now that me & credit cards do not mix!!

Phuong’s a Merchandise Planner. Basically he has to sit there and look at figures and analyze statistics ALL day! Definitely NOT my thing! I was never any good at maths!!

Ifsomeone sat me down and told me to do the same work he has to do on a daily basis, I’d probably NOT get a thing done all day!!

He’s what motivates and empowers me to stay in shape, style and overall to just always look & feel as good as I can. If you need a motivational speaker, well look no further! Phuong is definitely the go to guy for a self confidence boost!! Move over Anthony Robbins!!

One of his favourite lines is “You can ALWAYS do better..”

He’s also VERY sweet. ALWAYS has a sweet something to say about my appearance or about how he feels about me.

We met over 10 years ago at a party & became great friends. Back then I was doing a tech role that had me working the graveyard shifts. Phuong used to stay up chat with me via email during those late worknights. We could talk about anything and everything. For us the conversation just flowed easily and comfortably. Every now & then we’d party together but then I moved house & we eventually lost contact.

I like to say it was my spamming skills that found him again, after he saw my name on an email he’d been forwarded (thank god for email!)

The rest as they say is history, but I’ll tell you more about that later!

Bye for now!!!


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