All you need to know about renewing marriage vows

Couples are increasingly interested in renewing marriage vows, and there are plenty of reasons to do this. If you’re already married but would like to renew your vows read our quick guide to find out how.

renewal of vows

You may be thinking of renewing your marriage vows because you want to celebrate a renewed commitment to each other after a difficult time or a change in life circumstances. Renewal of Vows ceremonies are also often organised by couples who have legally married outside the UK and who want to have a celebration together with their family and friends and hold a re-enactment of their marriage ceremony.

Special wedding anniversaries are also often behind couples’ decision to organise a re-enactment of their wedding ceremony and couples can even wish to get dressed as a bride and groom and have their original bridal party involved and even utilise some of the words from their first ceremony. This can be a lovely addition to a very special celebration acting as a symbol for love and happiness.

renewal of vows

Who can renew their vows?

Any married couple, of any age, who have been married for any length of time, can arrange a vow renewal ceremony. You do not need to live in the area where you want to hold your ceremony. Generally couples will need to need to show a marriage certificate to be able to book a ceremony.

Is it a legal ceremony?

Renewal of marriage vows ceremonies have no legal effect. They don’t necessarily have to be conducted by a licensed registrar or in a designated marriage venue and you won’t need witnesses. You may receive a certificate but it will be purely symbolic. These ceremonies are provided purely to celebrate the renewal of marriage vows in a unique and personal ceremony.

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