Who says a bride can't change her mind – again, and again and …?

One of the amazing things about the Easy Weddings website is the sheer volume of inspiration – whether it’s the suppliers in the wedding directory, the articles, forum and of course the fancy new blog!

Working here means an even bigger avalanche of wedding ideas! Creating ads for new suppliers – chatting to our forum girls and seeing their plans is just fuel for the wedding fire.

Since the proposal I think I have changed my mind a few hundred times about the styling, the dress, the music, the list goes on and on.  Given that most weddings can take about 12 months to plan – I suppose this is only natural, I also found some ideas that I wouldn’t have been able to imagine – Elvis impersonator anyone?

I thought I would share my wedding journey with you!

The Dress

Wedding dress gown ideas inspiration

My choice in dresses has been eclectic to say the least!

Picking a dress was probably the hardest part of my outfit to chose. Shoes – no problems, jewellery – got it covered! Pick a dress? Heaven help me I have to wear a dress?! So off I went to the Dress Designers Gallery and I think my internet browser may have gone on strike at one point from the endless bookmarking…The dresses I was looking at were all quite different – fingers crossed I have picked the right one.

Hair Inspiration

Wedding Hair Styles Hair  styling bride

My Hair inspiration - yet to be tested...

My hair inspiration didn’t change much until last week – I was certain that I wanted soft curls and some sort of decorative feature – which is now a hair comb. But there was something about the funky rockabilly inspired hairdo that I just can’t go past! I’m sure there will be some hilarious results when I attempt to test this out on my own locks.

Wedding Jewellery

Wedding jewellery earrings ideas inspiration bride

Pick one? That is just completely unfair!

As a self-confessed accessories junkie – picking one pair of earrings was always going to be a challenge! And yes I do know that stopping every five minutes to change earrings is bordering on absurd…Doesn’t mean it didn’t cross my mind! I have finally bought a beautiful vintage inspired pair on Brides Unlimited, and will only change them when I change into my reception outfit – promise!

Ceremony Shoes

Wedding shoes ceremony red champagne ivory heels bride bridal

Given the many dress changes the shoes were sure to follow! But you can never have too many shoes...

Red wedding shoes – the thought sent my heart a flutter! Telling a shoe addict to go looking to wedding shoes is like well there is no analogy that comes close. When I decided to have a tea length dress I went down the neutral colours path and settled on a pretty pair from Therapy Shoes – I’ll just have to find another event to to wear red shoes to…

My Reception Outfit

Wedding Reception Indian outfit lehenga choli bride

Trying to find the perfect Indian outfit was almost as bad as the dress!

I don’t wear Indian outfits very often so finding one I like in the right colour and style was an ongoing battle, I would find ones that were almost perfect and then dislike one element – beading, cut, fabric. So this search is still ongoing, the last picture is very close to what I want…but I still think the perfect one is a Google search away!

The Cake

Wedding cake reception guests food cakes

From a slab cake with a premade cake topper to a two tier cake with a DIY cake topper!

I’m not even going to pretend this was difficult! The only downside to looking at wedding cake pictures is that it makes you hungry!  We don’t want an overly ornate wedding cake – Craig and I both see this as extra dessert – but we have changed our minds a little, and I decided to make our cake toppers, I have the blank dolls already, the above picture is my DIY inspiration, there will be a little twist to it – so stay tuned!

The Wishing Well

Wedding recepetion guests presents wishing well ideas

I started with an ornate birdcage and ended up with vintage suitcases - don't ask me how.

Our Venue

Wedding venue ceremony reception marquee Elmswood Estate
Original idea: Maroondah Dam and a marquee, our wedding venue: Elmswood Estate

This change made Craig and I both a bit sad – our initial idea of a garden wedding under a marquee had to be tweaked a little as our budget just didn’t extend far enough to accommodate 100 people. However, I think Elmswood Estate is about as close as we can get to our initial idea as possible. The ceremony will be outside overlooking the vines, the reception will be in their Pavilion which has floor to ceiling windows and we don’t have to worry about wading around in mud if it rains a week before hand!

I’m sure many more of my ideas will fall victim to the inspiration overload – but afterall it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind – that goes double if she is a bride!

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