A wedding night he'd rather forget?

Groom John Twombly, 31, of Iowa in the United States

Groom John Twombly, 31, of Iowa in the United States

Groom Jake Twombly didn’t get lucky on his wedding night, he got seriously unlucky and ended up spending it in a jail cell.

Twombly, 31, apparently enjoyed his wedding festivities a little too much. He got drunk enough that he ended up shoving his groomsmen (whom he thought was dancing inappropriately with his new bride) with such force that he knocked over his mate, a large ceramic column and one of the venue’s security guards – who happened to be an off-duty policeman.

The scuffle is alleged to have become violent and the policeman called for back-up. Twombly was promptly handcuffed, arrested and sent off to jail for the night.

While Twombly and his groomsmen admit they had been drinking, they suggest it was all playful fun and that it was the police who got carried away.

In the official police report, the groomsman claims the off-duty policeman radioed for back-up and when it arrived, “they [the police] got him down. Two police officers put cuffs on him. He was laying on his back and this Cody Grimes, which I’m not even going to refer to him as officer because I don’t think he deserves that title, was hitting him repeatedly. Repeatedly. Repeatedly. If it was a UFC fight the ref would have stopped the fight ten punches ago.”

“The only crimes that were committed that night were committed by the police officers,” adds the groomsman.

The official police response is that while Twombly was cuffed he was never beaten by officers.

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