A wedding dress that's good enough to eat?

Cake decorator Donna Millington-Day's life-size wedding dress - made entirely of cake!

Cake decorator Donna Millington-Day’s life-size wedding dress – made entirely of cake!

Talk about a wedding dress that looks good enough to eat.

British cake decorator Donna Millington-Day’s stunning entry into this week’s National Wedding Show in Birmingham, England was hardly a typical wedding cake, it was a life-size wedding dress – made entirely of sponge cake.

Based on the design of Donna’s own wedding dress, her mouth-watering confectionery copy consists of 17 tiers of sponge cake, 224 free-range eggs, a whopping 49 pounds (22.2kgs) of sugar icing, two pounds (about 1kg) of royal icing and, she estimates, is capable of feeding up to 2000 guests.

However, Donna, who owns the award-winning Fairytale Cake company in Wolverhampton, England, has no intention of slicing up her lovingly crafted cake. In fact, she intends to have it on display in her shop window for as long as possible. If she created something like this for a client, Donna says it would cost around the £6000 ($8885 AUD) mark.

Donna credits her six-year-old daugher Hannah with conjuring the novel idea for this year’s entry.

While flipping through her parents’ wedding album, Hannah suggested how nice it would be if her confectioner mother recreated her own dress in the medium she knows oh-so-well – cake.

“Hannah was going through my old wedding photos when she suggested we recreate my dress,” Donna told England’s Daily Mail, “I thought it was a great idea. Although it’s not an exact replica I have taken the details like the corset and styling on the side.

The satin finish was achieved using a pearl lustre and each swirl was hand-piped.”


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