A ride that just oozes class!

Camelot Bridal Cars

Picking our cars was just plain easy! We have Phuong’s brother and cousin to thank for that because we basically ran with the same company.  So we already had the backup of having “tried before we bought” so to speak.

Of course we did look at other alternatives, Chrysler limos, Harley motorbike escorts, a Ferrari or Lamborghini (for the groom of course).

The luxury sport cars  got an instant “NO” once we found out what the cost was.  The bond alone to hire one of these cost more than our honeymoon flights and accommodation expenses!!

I REALLY wish I could’ve surprised Phuong with one of these cars. He was so EXCITED about the idea of rocking up to the church in a super fast, sleek looking car. I’ve promised him that I’ll buy him a Ferrari of his own once we’ve struck it rich. I’m sure that will become a reality sometime in our future!!

The Harley escorts got knocked off the list simply for the fact that they weren’t a necessity. Chrysler’s were nice, but they didn’t have the regal feel and class to them that we were after.

Enter Camelot Bridal Cars, a nice little family run business. We met John and his lovely wife at their family home, where we were shown the lovely range of cars they had. We chose to go with the two-tone silver Rolls Royce and the matching two-tone silver Mark VI Bentley. I can just picture how great the silver cars will look in our wedding photos and they are so totally suited to my princess gown!

These cars are fit for royalty and for that day at least , we will be royalty!

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