A practical guide to using a bridal registry

Registering for gifts is one of the fun parts of planning a wedding. You can add all those lovely things that you really want but can’t justify buying yourself. If you’re planning to register for wedding gifts read our practical guide to a bridal registry.

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What is a bridal registry?

A bridal register is a centralised system where the couple can choose on one or more retail outlets they would wish their gifts to be purchased from. They can them set up a wish list of gift items which can be viewed by guests.

Delivery is handled by the retailer, so guests do not have to worry about walking around with a beautifully wrapped ironing board on the day of the wedding! As each gift bought it is automatically removed from the list there is no risk of getting the same thing twice.

Why use a bridal registry?

Without a registry, wedding gifts can actually be quite a hassle for the couple and their guests. . Brides don’t have the time, (or patience) to answer a hundred people with the same question ‘What would you wish for a wedding present?’ and it can be frustrating to get several duplicate gifts.

People will wish to buy the happy couple a present anyway, so it makes sense to have a system in place that lets guests to know exactly what the couple wants, so they are sure they are getting something that will be appreciated, and also allows the guests to know what they have all brought in advance so they don’t select the same presents.

A bridal registry is easy to set up, simple for guests to use, they guarantee that the happy couple gets something they really wished for and need, and that guests’ money is not spent on something useless.

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Here are some simple steps to setting up a registry:

Step 1: Select the stores

A gift registry can consists of one or more stores and the bigger department stores are always a good choice. These are always in fashion with guests and couples alike as they typically come with a huge range of departments, and lets you to select presents from a larger range of products. You can also choose an exclusively online registry.

Step 2: Set the details

The store will want to know the date and location of your wedding, and then of course your name together with contact details. This allows them to arrange delivery of your gifts, as well as ensuring your guests do not end up buying gifts for the people! You’ll also have to decide when to open and close your list.

Step 3: Select the items you want

This is the fun part! This is where you are able to pick a selection of presents that your guests can then select from. Make sure you think about your guests’ budget. They won’t all be able to spend a lot on your gifts so choose plenty of affordable items as well as a handful of more expensive ones. Most shops have basic templates that you can utilise as a starting point, but most couples have a good idea of what they want and can choose their own presents to be sure they get what they really wish for.

Step 4: Tell the guests

Now you’ve got your registry set up you need to let your guests know about it. This is actually the part that often creates the most discomfort to couples. A number of people worry that sending a message out to guests and asking them to purchase your presents in this way can come across as rude, but if done tastefully it really doesn’t.

You have many ways to let your guests aware of what you have planned:

  1. You could have a wedding website, or even Facebook page where you can keep guests up to date with any details or plans you have made. Here, you can casually let them know about the gift registry without it sounding like the main focus of your contact.
  2. The shop that is keeping the registry for you will typically be able to provide you with formal registry cards that can be be sent out along with the wedding invitations to give your guests full details of how to buy presents using the system.
  3. If you don’t feel comfortable posting the cards together with the invitation, and you don’t mind spending a little extra on postage then you could always post them out separately as you receive your replies.
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