A Christmas gift guide for your in-laws family

So, it’s your first Christmas as a husband or wife, and you’re hoping to nail it with the xmas gifts for the family. Here are some ideas on what to buy your in-laws for Christmas, our Christmas gift guide:

The mother in law:

What MIL wouldn’t love some beautiful, natural and cruelty-free bath and beauty products? You can’t say no to some good old fashioned pampering. Or, you could always buy her a massage voucher to enjoy on her Christmas break.

The sister in law:

A good book! There are always some amazing books on the market, and no one would be upset to receive a copy of The Barefoot Investor, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Lily Allen’s new read, or anything by Zoë Foster Blake.

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The brother in law:

A six pack of craft beer ought to satisfy a chilled brother in law. And best of all, he can drink it over Christmas. Urban Ale from Urban Alley Brewery is actually the very first beer in Australia to use 100% biodegradable six-pack ring holders as standard, so craft beer fans will be impressed by this detail.

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The father in law:

Buy the FIL tickets to something he will enjoy, whether it’s a tour of the MCG, tickets for a concert, a 7-course Japanese degustation,  a TED talk, an Ice Hockey match or a brewery bus tour, there’s sure to be something you know he likes! Buy tickets for him and your spouse to go together.

Niece or step-daughter:

Whether she’s 2 or 16, you may want to gift something to your new niece or nephew. If she’s a bubba, she won’t care less what you give her, and would probably be stoked with a bubble blower. But if she’s a little older (4-5+) do some research with her parents/your SO to see what she’s into, whether it be Peppa pig, Polly pockets, minecraft, sports, Avengers or painting. If she’s a teen, books are always a winner, or if she’s a “girly girl”, co jewelry or makeup won’t go to waste.

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Nephew or step-son:

Again, this will largely depend on age, but get some ideas from your SO! Kids tend to love anything crafty… and “slime” is a really huge phase at the moment that kids 5-8 seem to love as well. You can buy it or make your own! Meanwhile, older kids love games, whether they be sports or video games. You can’t go wrong with a Tamagotchi, or basically any computer game, like Minecraft!

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If they’re anything like my grandmothers, they love seeing their family more than anything in the world. A photo frame with a nice wedding photo, tickets to an event to go together or a trip to high tea with them will really make their day.


Does pop like a certain type of chocolates or liquor? If so, then spoil him with those! My pop was obsessed with Violet Crumbles and never turned down a packet. Even something so small and completely inexpensive would delight him, and I think you’ll find that most grandparents are the same.

The dog:

If you parents in law have a dog that is pretty much their life… they will LOVE you if you buy the doggo a gift! Whether it be a chew toy, a bone or a new collar, they’ll be stoked.

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Good luck for your first Chrismas with the in-laws!

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