Yumbo, three tiers of scrumptious mud cake it is!

So, we finally met with our cake maker. The experience was both productive and delicious!

He Says:

Today was a good day because I got to eat cake – and lots of it!

We finally met with our cake maker for the wedding after a little bit of shuffling schedules and it was a very productive day. We only met with her for about an hour, but in that time we managed to decide on a bunch of flavours of cake which we like and sort out most of the design.

Not long after arriving, our cake maker brought out a little plate of little cupcakes, containing about 15 different flavours of mud cake and I must say they were all delicious.

After trying each one twice (we cut them into quarters), we decided upon a final 5 flavours, but we have only 3-4 which we can finalize for the different parts of the cake.

When it came to the design for the cake we decided upon a 3 tier cake of a medium size as we are only having about 80 guests at the reception. The middle tier is double the height of the bottom and top tiers and it has a very elegant look. We are going with a quilting pattern on the top and bottom tiers and are going to have a decorative material around the middle tier.

For the top of the cake, we had looked around at getting little miniatures of each other made but that is too comical for the cake so now we are looking at possibly a little arrangement of flowers. Now we don’t have to meet up with our cake maker until even a couple of weeks before the wedding so we’ve got a little bit of free time. Doing things fairly early means we are still able to take it fairly slow and easy 😀

She Says:

You know in those wedding movies how you see the happy couple going off to taste-test their cake and organize the design?

Well, I just did that and it was an even better feeling to be doing it yourself! I had so much fun and both Donald and I were able to decide upon a design for the cake on the day. I have to say this is the cake of my dreams 🙂

The tasting was probably the best part of the day; our cake maker had a plate with quite a few little cupcakes on it, each one of them being a different flavour of mud cake.

They were all so good, but we managed to narrow it down to 5 different flavours which stood out. Our next task is to decide what is going to be going on the top of the cake and picking out little details for the cake. I am tossing up between either a flower on the top, and the letter U which is what my new last name will begin with. What do you think?

Originally I wanted to get a custom bride and groom sculpture on the top of the cake, made to look like Donald and myself, but that doesn’t go with the theme or design for the cake. I was also thinking back to the number 4 which has been popping up all throughout our wedding, and while the cake is a 3 tier cake, it is made up of 4 cakes to give the middle tier a bit of extra height, so there we are, and the number 4 is popping up yet again.

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