Nine years and three kids. This is starting to get serious…

Everyone has been asking us the same two questions… It’s either “Why now?” or “How did he ask?”


My fiancee Mehdi and I started dating with the understanding that we were both looking for fun and that I didn’t believe in marriage. Boy, how things change?

Even after having our daughter, I still saw it as a piece of paper and not much more, I just couldn’t see what the difference would be in comparison to what we already had.

We lived together, had a child together and what was his was mine and what was mine was his. Then the years kept creeping by and mail kept arriving addressed to “The Bahrami Family“. That, let me tell you, is very annoying. The assumption that we all have the one last name and that we must be married if we have a child, well we don’t so stop! Ok rant over. Then our beautiful son was born and our Medicare Card was quickly filling with Bahramis and had little ol’ me on my lonesome. More time passed more letters came and then POW! Hello baby number 3… 3!

We had been discussing marriage for a while now, especially since starting work at Easy Weddings and spend my days knee-deep in all things wedding,

I could see the perfect day in my head. I looked at spectacular suppliers on a daily basis. How I could not dream about the beautiful day would be a better question and I won’t lie; when Pinterest came along I pinned our whole wedding day… and then some.
Then in a matter of 2-3 months we had some pretty cruddy things happen which caused utter chaos and heartache – much like a lot of other people at the moment. Because of this we had to lean on each other in ways we had never done before, we relied on each other more and we found that we could do anything and withstand anything.

The loss of a job, our home, Mehdi’s grandmother passing – it really did make us stronger and one day, I don’t even know how it came up, we said to each other that there is no one else, never will be and that the 5 of us is all there was and all that mattered.

Unfortunately for Mehdi I control the finances so the chances of him sneaking money to surprise me with a flashy ring would have been very unlikely. Besides we had been together for so long and through so much I didn’t really expect a big showcase of his love for me. Instead, I kid you not, we were shopping and talking and looking at rings and then we decided we were going to get married.

We just knew it was time.

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