OMG. Three months to go – and I'm not bonkers … yet!

My friendly email reminder

So, I was sitting on the train early this morning, half asleep and just barely keeping my eyes open when my Blackberry beeped.

There was a new email and it was from Easy Weddings! It was my Easy Weddings countdown reminder. Well, look at that! I have 3 months to go till D-day.

My first thought was to panic as my mind races to back track and recall what I’ve already done

My panic is quickly averted as I get further down the email and see the easy to follow “TO DO” list

One of the first things I did when we got engaged was to register on the Easy Weddings website.

This was a good move on my part because not only did it give me a checklist of things to do, but it also gave me timeframes to do them in

I’d be nuts by now if I didn’t have my monthly reminders, wedding planning folder and easy to use “TO DO” list to refer to.

Not only is it a great looking folder to keep all your little tidbits in, but it's also broken up into categories and sub menus so that you'll be able to find those tidbits easily if you ever need to.

It’s save me alot of stress knowing I have a record of what’s been done and what’s yet to be done and Phuong doesn’t need to worry about ever waking up to find that I’ve turned into a crazy, stressed and nutty woman!
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