Our Ceremony: finding the right words…

Well it’s all systems go at the moment, I have been very popular with Australia Post – my wedding packages have been slowly trickling in.  It’s like having a birthday every few days. Without the cake…Although there is never any shortage of cake at the EW offices.

More importantly we received our first draft of the wedding ceremony from David last night. I was trying to work out how to describe it, the only thing Craig and I came up with was “wow!”

David managed to write a beautiful, thoughtful, and meaningful ceremony that we both loved! We are making a few changes just small things and then I think it will be ready. We are also incorporating a little ceremony at the end which I love…But you will have to keep reading to find out more!

The planning process so far has been about dresses, shoes and jewellery – but this was by far the most significant piece of the wedding we have received so far. It made the whole thing feel real and gave us both butterflies!

So now the important stuff is sorted – I can go back to the little things.  Like trying to find out what suits the boys want to wear, finding the bridesmaids earrings and still trying to decide whether or not I need flowers!!

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