20 inspiring Instagram engagement shots

With more than 300 million active monthly users, there’s no shortage of engagement eye candy on Instagram. Here’s 20 loved-up engagement posts that make us go a little weak at the knees!

The Big Apple

Snow-capped Central Park against the New York City skyline; the stuff rom-coms are made of!

Source: cassandramamone Instagram

Image: cassandramamone Instagram

Family affair

Not only does a little hand further exaggerate the size of this already enormous rock, but it’s a cute way to incorporate significant others, like Kim Kardashian did with then six-month-old daughter North West.

Source: Kim Kardashian Instagram

Image: Kim Kardashian Instagram

Layered creations

Use photo editing apps to manipulate images and add text overlays announcing the date and location of the wedding, like this Instagram Save the Date announcement.

Source: aayancreations Instagram

Image: aayancreations Instagram

Partner up

Your partner played a fairly meaningful role in the engagement, so let them in on the action too, with a cute garden engagement pic against a popping green backdrop.

Source: amandasuannephotography Instagram

Image: amandasuannephotography Instagram

Spell it out

There’s nothing cryptic about this public display of love and impending nuptials. Other variations include an ‘I do’ arrangement, with the wedding ring replacing the ‘o’.

Source: weddinghenry Instagram

Image: weddinghenry Instagram

Tie the knot

What could be more indicative of ‘tying the knot’ than a ring on a piece of rope?

Source: findmyring_ Instagram

Image: findmyring_ Instagram


Unfortunately we can’t all be hand models. If you can’t wait to get your nails done to show off your new jewellery, slip it on a stick and let it shine against a bokeh backdrop of rustic autumn leaves.

Source: ashley_hall_photography Instagram

Image: ashley_hall_photography Instagram

Fur babies

French Bulldog brothers make for an exceptionally adorable Instagram engagement pic, but fur babies of any breed are guaranteed to evoke some resounding ‘awwws’.

Source: the_weddingdiaries Instagram

Image: the_weddingdiaries Instagram

Candid moments

Carefree and completely enamoured; it would take nothing short of a tornado to break this blissful couple’s stare.

Source: yodalislopezphotography Instagram

Image: yodalislopezphotography Instagram

Text book love

Did they meet in a library? Or perhaps he proposed there, nestled in amongst poetic romance novels of bygone eras. Whatever the case, this couple’s engagement pic has made the Instagram history books.

Source: lawheels44 Instagram

Image: lawheels44 Instagram

Beach seflie

This casual beach selfie with waves and aviators may take viewers’ eyes a few seconds to zone in, before….BOOM! “OMG, is that an engagement ring!?”

Source: cassandramamone Instagram

Image: cassandramamone Instagram

DIY decos

If limos and Moet are out of the budget, homemade decos set a romantic home proposal and make for thrifty Instagram engagement photos that let viewers know exactly how it all went done.

Source: tiffdianewalker Instagram

Image: tiffdianewalker Instagram

Coffee props

If you’re the kind of Instagrammer who likes to document your morning coffees, give followers something to really envy with an engagement announcing coffee mug.

Source: ashleymford87 Instagram

Image: ashleymford87 Instagram

Swept away

He asked, she said yes, and was then swept off her feet overwhelmed with love.

Source: laurenholbert Instagram

Image: laurenholbert Instagram

Snakes & lovers

Not for the faint-hearted, slithering props add another dimension to the traditional Instagram engagement pic. This is the part where we advise you to not try this at home. *Unless you actually know what you’re doing.

Source: bridetobestephaniee Instagram

Image: bridetobestephaniee Instagram


No ring close-up required; just two engaged fiances, one incredible sunset and an eternity of love ahead of them.

Source: eastportphotography Instagram

Image: eastportphotography Instagram

Woods you marry me?

There is nowhere else these two would rather be than exactly where they are in this photo – what an emotion to capture!

Source: lovethispaige Instagram

Image: lovethispaige Instagram

Flower power

One for the gardeners; use a rare and beautiful orchid to display your precious ring.

Source: valeriamameli Instagram

Image: valeriamameli Instagram

Military salute

You can’t help but wonder how long they may have been separated by service, but it will take more than distance to keep this military couple apart.

Source: nitemare.daydream Instagram

Image: nitemare.daydream Instagram

Yin & Yang

Could this couple’s clutched hands be symbolic of two opposing forces coming together to complement each other? Or is it just the handiwork of a creative photographer? Either way, we dig it.

Source: _shinebrightphotography_ Instagram

Source: _shinebrightphotography_ Instagram

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Have you seen an inspiring pic on Instagram worth sharing? Perhaps you’ve taken one? Drop us a link in the comments, or let us know how you announced your engagement to the Instagram world.

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