15 ‘something blues’ for your big day

Image: Sheona Beach Photography.

Image: Sheona Beach Photography.

Call it superstitious, but if wearing  something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue was guaranteed to bring good luck on your wedding day, you’d give it a whirl, right?

Here are 15 ways to sneak some symbolic blue, portents of love and fidelity, into your wedding celebrations – without looking like a decorated Bower Bird nest.

From head to toe, here we go…

1. Veil
Have your wedding date or initials stitched in blue somewhere small on your veil. It’s a nice way to include any crafty aunts or grandmothers in your wedding preparations.

2. Headpiece
Blue poppy flower crowns, bejeweled crystal headpieces, custom-made hair combs and bobby pin bling; the only limit to adding blue to your head and hair is your own imagination!

earrings blue - something blue

3. Earrings
Dangling jewels or rhinestone studs; make it as obvious or conservative as you like. You could also incorporate blue gemstones into charm bracelets, necklaces and rings.

4. Handkerchief
You’re probably going to need one of these tucked into your corset right about the time your partner surprises you with personalised vowels that emotionally recount the last 10 years of your life together – why not make it blue?

5. Makeup
Blue eyeshadow might conjure up memories of your ’80s high school prom, but done professionally it can be both understated and timeless.

Wedding day nails - blue

6. Nail polish
We know what you’re thinking: electric blue or sailor’s navy. Think again. There are literally hundreds of shades of blue nail polish on the market, so you’ll have no problems finding one to compliment your dress without reflecting the photographer’s flash.

7. Dress
It might take some convincing of friends and family, but it’s your wedding day and you can wear a baby blue gown if you want! Otherwise stick to traditional white and have your bridal party fitted in a blue of your choosing.

8. Undergarments
If it’s not your colour and you’d rather wear it where nobody can see, nothing fidelity-proofs your marriage better than a pair of blue panties!

Something blue - garter

9. Garter
It’s not going to clash with anything, and you don’t even have to wear it all day. If you’re going to perform a traditional garter toss though, consider the implications of literally throwing away your fidelity totem – a bad omen, perhaps?

10. Bouquet
Vendors short on blue flowers? No problemo! Faux floral bouquet arrangements are all the rage. Jewel clusters, vintage brooch assortments, pinwheels, pearls, fabric, felt and feathers are just some of the alternatives for easily tying some blue into your bouquet.

11. Adhesives
How convenient: “I Do, Me too” matching bride and groom shoe stickers are available in blue. They can be applied to any flat surface and make for a great photo opp. For the rockabilly brides, you can also purchase Something Blue temporary tattoos – a whole lot cheaper and less painful than the real deal.


Image: Katrina Cram Photography.

12. Shoes

Why whitewash your wedding when you can add some blue to your dancing shoes? If you’re not ready to go all in, a pop of blue on the soles of the shoes Christian Louboutin-style, or blue crystal encrusted heels should do the trick.

13. Anklet
It’s sexy, subtle and something you will definitely wear again. A simple silver chain with an aquamarine gemstone or blue topaz makes a memorable addition to your jewelery collection.

14. Ribbons
They cost next to nothing and are the most versatile decoration known to party planners. Tie them in your hair, around your bouquet or even replace your corset string with your favourite blue ribbon.

15. Cake
There’s no rule that says you have to actually wear your blue good luck charm, although depending on how your partner feeds you the first bite of your blue wedding cake, you probably will anyway!

Image: The Pastry Studio

How did you honour the old ‘something blue’ fable on your wedding day? Leave your suggestions in the comments and pay it forward for future brides!

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