15 beautiful bridal updos

wedding updos

It won’t get stuck on your lip gloss, entangled in earrings or covered in cake; the updo is hands down the most practical hair style for brides. With an extensive artillery of hair dressing accessories, there’s no limit to the elaborate updos a professional wedding hair stylist can create for your big day. Here are 10 worth attempting:

1. Audrey Hepburn
Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, so you can be forgiven for replicating the iconic Audrey Hepburn 1960s updo. She’s the epitome of elegance, grace and style; the perfect recipe for wedding pics that will still look good another 50 years from now.

Audrey Hepburn - bridal hair

2. Vintage
Super straight or wispy thin hair is unlikely to hold voluptuous vintage curls without a few kilos of spray and some nifty pinning. It’s best to have a dress rehearsal with this one to avoid a bridezilla episode hours out from the big event.


Source: Beautylish

3. Cotton candy
Add some pastel peppermint and strawberry to your retro mop top and what have you got? A fun, thematic updo to match your candy coloured party decorations!


Source: Fabulous Everything Hair & Makeup

4. Bed hair
Intentionally messy will work for some people. Others will feel – and look – like they’ve just stepped off the set of Twister. Proceed with caution.


Source: Beautylish

5. Crown braid
If it’s as straightforward as the tutorials suggest, all you need is just two braids and you’re good to go! Sweet, simple and easy to decorate with small floral highlights such as Baby’s Breath or Chamelaucium.

wedding hairstyles - crown braid

6. Ballerina bun
Small forehead? Bangs will also work with this updo. Thin hair? A doughnut will give the illusion of long, thick, lustrous locks. It’s slick, it’s tame, and it will not detract from the delicate details of your dress.

The mighty Beyonce rocks a not-so-classic ballet bun because it's tied with a gorgeous braid. Image: Glamour Magazine UK

The mighty Beyonce rocks a not-so-classic ballet bun because it’s tied with a gorgeous braid. Image: Glamour Magazine UK


Source: The Bridal Book

7. Hair bow
If it’s too cutesy for you and the bridal party, save this one for the flower girl.

Beautiful bridal updos  - hair bows

Image: Bautylish

8. Infinity twist

This twist is a standalone statement – no millinery accessories required. It’s hard to say where it starts and ends; symbolic of an eternal marriage, perhaps?


Source: Belle Bridal Hair

9. Flower power
You’ll need some length for this one, and a few thousand bobby pins by the looks of it. It’s a complex work of hairdressing art; let the complexity do the talking and don’t overwhelm it with unnecessary accessories.


Source: Beautylish

10. Double bun

Why stop at one bun when you can have two? This double-bunned beauty makes for interesting pics no matter which angle you’re snapped from. There would appear to be some doughnut action at play here, so slight-haired brides can attempt with tools.


Source: D’Zina Hair by Laura

Wedding hair - Double ballet bun

Found a unique ‘do you think you’d like to try, or have some happy snaps of your wedding day hair you’d like to share? Leave a link in the comments so we can check out your beautiful bridal updo!

wedding hair bun

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