15 adorable wedding day pets

Easy Weddings Amanda Keeys Photography

OK, there’s no more to say here than ‘nawwwwwwww!’ Image: Amanda Keeys Photography

We love cute animals and, of course, we love weddings. Put them together and what do you get? A level of cuteness that is off-the-scale! Here are some of our favourite animal wedding pics that will be sure to make you go ‘nawwwww.’

Easy Weddings Wedding Pets 2

Betcha this bride’s name is Mary! Image: Cory Weber Photography

It's always important to ensure your pug's outfit matches your own. Image: dottiephotography.co.uk

An enchanting equestrian embrace. Image: Aaron Watson Photography

Easy Weddings Wedding Pets 1

An enchanting equestrian embrace. Image: Aaron Watson Photography

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People often say pets resemble their owners, but what about pets resembling their owners’ wedding dresses? Image: Jonathan Ivy Photo

Easy Weddings Studio Milla Photography

Wool you marry me: The newlyweds take a group shot with their wedding guests. Image: Studio Milla Photography

Easy Weddings Animals flower dog colaradospringsweddingflorists

Bedecked in a wreath of loose flowers, this stunning golden Cocker Spaniel gazes adoringly as his humans wed. Image: Colarado Springs Wedding Florists

Easy Weddings Josh-Madson-Photography 2

As cute as these kitties are, we wouldn’t let them anywhere near our ‘claw-some’ wedding dress. Image: Josh Madson Photography

Easy Weddings Animals image Atelier Pictures

If I stare at them long enough, do you think they’ll give me a piece of cake? Image: Atelier Pictures

Easy Weddings Animals Scott & Ashley Britton Reynolds Photography

Mum! Stop it! You’re embarrassing me! Image: Britton Reynolds Photography

Easy Weddings Heather Parker Photography

Wedding day or not, the chooks still have to be fed! Image: Heather Parker Photography

Easy Weddings Kitten Stephanie Fay Photography

This pocket-sized pooch looks like a teddy bear – complete with a matching bow tie. Image: Stephanie Fay Photography

Easy Weddings Kitten Saphire Event Group

Are you really going to make me go out in front of all our friends like THIS, Dad? Image: Saphire Event Group

Easy Weddings Kitten Sonya Khegay

We hope there wasn’t any rabbit stew on the menu at this wedding. Image: Sonya Khegay

Easy Weddings landonjacobphotography

This exquisite creature obviously didn’t get the memo: never overshadow the bride. Image: landonjacobphotography

Thinking of including your pet at your wedding? Here’s a useful guide to planning a pet-friendly wedding.

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