11 must-pack items for your honeymoon day trips


Whether you’re going on a day tour into the wilds of a jungle or exploring a teeming metropolis, there are several helpful items you should always carry with you. From your camera to capture every moment, to a water bottle to keep you hydrated, here are some of the most important items to include when packing for your honeymoon. a comfortable backpack can include anything you’d like to make your day easier and more pleasant.

A comfortable backpack including essential items will make your travels easier and pleasant. Here are a 11 things must-pack items for your honeymoon day trips:


Staying hydrated, especially in hot and humid weather, is very important. Whether you have a water bottle that you can fill up along the way or you buy bottled water as you venture through your destination, it’s all up to you, but keep drinking as you go.

Wet Wipes

There’s nothing like a refreshing wet wipe after a couple hours of feeling hot and sweaty. Whether you’re on a Segway tour in the forest of South Africa, or a walking tour of Berlin’s historic sites, wet wipes leave you looking and feeling cooled off and refreshed. Many wet wipes are antibacterial also, which means they are great to use before eating or after using the bathroom too!


Tissues are great if you need to blow your nose, or blot a trickle of sweat after walking for hours in a hot, foreign city. However, in some countries, carrying tissues around with you can also be handy to use as a substitute for toilet paper. In some countries there isn’t toilet paper in the toilets, or you have to pay per sheet – yes, you read that correctly.

Sunglasses and hat

Now that your skin is protected, add an extra layer of protection with UV protection sunglasses and wide-brim hat. Both of these essentials will keep you shaded and avoiding that uncomfortable lobster look.



Should your mobile phone die or lose its signal, a physical map comes in handy. You can usually pick up a free map at your hotel or hostel and use it throughout your trip.


Spending a day out in the sun can leave you looking like a red lobster – and no one wants to look like a lobster in their honeymoon photos. Pack on the SPF throughout the day and keep you and your skin looking and feeling great.

Jacket or raincoat

You never know when the weather might take a turn and become cooler or start raining, so make sure you’ve got something warm like a jacket or a raincoat that is waterproof to keep you warm and dry. You can even get ones that roll up to the size of a ball or folds up into its own pocket.



Even if it is just camera phone, make sure to pack some sort of camera into your backpack. Don’t forget to also pack a spare battery or power bank so you can capture every moment of your day long adventure without your battery

Antibacterial hand sanitiser

Forget paying and waiting in a queue just to wash your hands in a toilet, rather take along some antibacterial hand sanitiser. It won’t only keep your hands clean, but also get rid of germs they’ve picked up throughout the day.


There’s nothing worse than getting peckish during a tour and having no food. Having a backpack packed with a few snacks like an energy bar, nuts or a packets of sweets, will keep the hunger pains away till you can sit down and have a meal.

Mini First Aid kit

You’d hope you wouldn’t need a First Aid kit on your honeymoon, but just in case you cut your knee on a rock, have a splitting headache or get something into your eye, make sure you have a mini First Aid kit in your backpack. Make sure it includes items such as Bandaids, eye drops, antihistamines, headache tablets, anti-fungal cream and any emergency numbers from your travel insurance that you might need.

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