11 marriage proposals that are a little different – and a lot of fun

The internet is rife with a weird and wonderful array of awesome wedding proposals, with people popping the big question everywhere, from under the sea to under a car bonnet. They’re all special in their own way, but have one thing they all have in common is something a little out of the ordinary. Check out our top 11 favourite surprise proposals:

1. Aussie Liam Cooper wanted a truly memorable was to propose to his high-school sweetheart Amy Smith and with a little help from friends, family, a cinema, and the band Magic! he pulls the rug out from under his future fiancée. Get your Kleenex ready now.

2. A bride and groom used their own reception to plan the perfect surprise wedding proposal.

3. Watch a bride’s very own Peter Pan sweep his would-be Wendy off her feet, in a proposals that made the groom feel like he’s “going to throw up, but a good kind of throw up” – how romantic!

4.What do you get when you cross 60 friends and family, a trip down memory lane, and Bruno Mars’ Marry You? A very well planned and emotional wedding proposal, that’s what.

5. Watch carefully as this soon-to-be groom tricks his fiancée into believing he’s about to perform an emergency C-section. We’re sure this isn’t part of his normal day job!

6. More concerned with camera angles than the task of proposal, this groom’s sweet idea to gather friends and family outside the photo booth is pretty epic.

7. If you love games, you’re going to love this refreshingly natural proposal. The friends being there is a special addition.

8. A wedding is a family affair, so why shouldn’t the proposal be too? There’s nothing like a little pressure from your other half, or the guy from Scrubs, to help your decision.

9. As one commenter said “I think I would pass out of happiness if I got a new puppy and engaged at the same time”. How could you possibly say no?

10. The title of the video tells you everything you know, as this once in a lifetime proposal ends in disaster. The pair do a good job at hiding their disappointment, but don’t worry, it doesn’t end in a total tragedy.

11. Finally, a master class in surprise proposals so get a pad and a sharp pen. It takes you through everything you could need, and yes, the restaurant staff are in on the act.

What’s your favourite surprise proposal? If you or a friend have experienced a shock proposal, or you’ve had to keep secrets in the plotting stages, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below!
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