10 wedding gifts you can’t go wrong choosing

How to choose a wedding gift you can't go wrong with
These days, so many couples live together before marrying that it’s easy to assume they already have everything they’ll need for their post-marriage home.

And, though often they do, there are a whole range of items that you can’t have too many of and, therefore, make perfect wedding presents!

Our research shows that, whether you’re a guest or a couple planning their gift registry, you (usually) can’t go wrong with the following presents.

Bed linen

A huge number of couples choose to include bed linen on their bridal gift registries, from quilts and quilt covers, to sheets and blankets. Perhaps it’s a throwback to the idea of the marital bed, but there’s something wonderful about starting married life with brand new bed linen, especially if it is high quality Egyptian cotton, or a similarly luxurious material.

Kitchen appliances

Smaller kitchen appliances are a popular choice, especially on wedding gift registries. This implies that though many couples already have the basic appliances we all need, they are still looking for those little extras that make cooking easier and more fun. Appliances that feature regularly on our registry gift lists include mixers, blenders, juicers, slow cookers, and coffee machines.

Dinner sets

It may be very traditional, but a dinner set is still an extremely popular item to include on your wedding gift registry. Maybe we all remember our parents’ wedding china from our childhood, and we want to have something similar, just a little more modern. Whether you choose traditional favourites such as Wedgewood or Royal Dalton, a dinner set is a great wedding present, especially if the newlyweds like to entertain or throw large family dinners.

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Glass and barware

Entertaining is, evidently, on the minds of many couples when they put together their gift lists as glassware and barware are both perennial favourites. Gifts might include wine glasses, champagne flutes, cocktail glasses, decanters, cocktail mixers, and ice buckets.

Cutlery sets

Following on from the last item, what is the point of having a beautiful wedding dinner set if you lay it out with old mismatched cutlery? Choosing a classic cutlery set that will last well and will still look just as good at your fortieth wedding anniversary as it does now, is a great idea for your bridal gift registry.

Towel bundles

A co-ordinating range of soft fluffy towels is a welcome sight in any bathroom, and for many couples, high quality towels are a must-have for their gift list. Make sure you choose a good range of hand towels, guest towels, bath towels, bath sheets, and flannels, and look for 100% cotton with a long pile to maintain softness.

Luggage honeymoon


A honeymoon is more than just a holiday, it’s the trip of a lifetime, so it makes sense that many couples want to set off on that trip with smart new luggage. Suitcases, cabin bags, and other luggage items such as suit carriers are very popular gift list choices, while more adventurous couples might include rucksacks or backpacks.

Photo frames

It’s hardly surprising that picture frames take a starring role in wedding gift registry lists. After all, couples can expect to have a great selection of photos to display, from the wedding itself, from the hen’s and buck’s parties and from their honeymoon. Oh, and plenty of baby pictures in the future, too!

Cookware sets

Kitchen gadgets are all very well, but nothing beats a simple set of high quality saucepans for improving your cooking experience. A wedding gift list is the perfect opportunity to get rid of those old, dented or burned pans you’ve been using and kit yourselves out with some new gleaming sets of high quality saucepans, frying pans, egg poachers, and skillets.

Home entertainment

Couples looking forward to cosy nights together in front of the TV are frequently adding home entertainment products to their wedding gift lists. Video games consoles are a particularly popular choice, followed by audio systems, speakers, and televisions.

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