10 delicious wedding cake alternatives

Whether you’re just not a big cake person or you simply want something a little different to celebrate your big day, there are plenty of alternatives to the traditional three-layer fondant-laced wedding cake.


Cupcakes needn't be boring or even typical looking as you can see by these exquisite creations by British cake genius Zoe Clark Cakes

Cost-effective and visually stunning, cupcakes are fast catching on as the world’s favourite alternative to traditional wedding cake styles. From decadent chocolate sponge to limoncello, they’re available in such a wide variety of flavours, colours and finishes, you won’t necessarily compromise the theme of your wedding by choosing several different types.

Cupcakes allow flexibility. If someone you love has an allergy or food intolerance, you can also have a separate batch of, say, gluten-free or lactose-free cupcakes made up. Cupcakes are a convenient way of ensuring all your guests’ tastebuds are happy.

Cake pops

The style of cake pops are only limited by your imagination. Image: Sweet Empire The style of cake pops are only limited by your imagination. Image: Sweet Empire

Cake pops are beautifully decorated pieces of cake that are served on a stick. Again, this allows you to serve a variety of flavours and alter the cake recipe for those with food allergies but, as you can see from the spectacular cake pops above (by Melbourne-based Sweet Empire), you can let your imagination run wild with both flavours and decorations.

They’re also perfect as bomboniere replacements.

Cheese wheel cakes

A wedding cake made from cake? Yes, sir!

Yes, you read that right. A wonderful alternative is a cake made of wheels of cheese, which businesses like The Hunter Valley Cheese Company specialise in. It’s the perfect option if you want something completely unique and, well, savory. Cheese wheel cakes are made by layering many different sized wheels of cheese (anything from brie to goat’s cheese) on a platter to make them look like a cake. When they are served, the layers are taken apart and served as cheeseboards to your guests.

A lolly buffet

Lolly buffets add a bit of fun and whimsy to a wedding. You can purchase all of the lollies in your wedding colours or just choose some of your favourite sweets. Set them all up at a table and allow your guests to pick their own. Giving each guest a bag for their sweets is a nice idea, too, and doing this allows for the table to double as your wedding favour! Companies such as The Candy Buffet Company even offer an all-inclusive service where they provide vintage jars etc and all you have to do is, well, dig in.


wedding pies

If you absolutely hate cake but still want a dessert, then try a wedding pie. Cut your favourite pie with your new groom and allow your guests to choose from a handful of options at a pie table. You could even make mini-pies and display them on a tier. Providing options will help to keep all of your guests happy and you could serve a selection of hot and cold dessert pies. Yumbo!

Ice cream sundae bar

There are few things in life more heavenly than a bowl of ice cream with all of your favourite toppings. An ice cream sundae bar allows your guests to make their own sundaes. Line up toppings, from classic sprinkles to chocolate chips, and let your imagination run wild. It’s perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

 A biscuit tower

Image: lacuocaciccia.com

Image: lacuocaciccia.com

If cake isn’t your thing, but you’re a sucker for chocolate chip cookies, consider making a biscuit tower. You can even place bride and groom cake toppers on it! Of course, you can always have more than one biscuit flavour and allow your guests to pick their personal favourite. Just be sure not to leave it out standing too long or they’ll become soft.

Hot chocolate bar

hot chocolate bar at wedding

This is perfect for a winter wedding! Set up everything to make a great hot chocolate, including marshmallows and cream, and let your guests help themselves! Hot chocolate will warm everyone up for a night of fun and give your wedding some sweetness without a giant tiered cake.

Jelly wedding cake:

jelly wedding cake

Keep the traditional wedding cake structure while ditching the cake with a jelly cake. Some companies offer mini-jelly cakes that can be placed on tiers like cupcakes. They’re a particularly good option if the bridal couple or any of their guests are wheat intolerant. This is definitely a unique option that will keep your guests talking long after the wedding day has passed.

A dessert buffet

Image: Amy Atlas
So, you like all the suggestions above, eh? Well, why choose one when you can have them all? Create a dessert table that includes anything you like, be it doughnuts, cannoli, jelly or cupcakes. You could probably also sneak a cake onto the table!

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