Display your wedding photos: 10 ways

You’ve spent plenty of time, money and effort to ensure your wedding photos are the best they can be, so why hide them in the bottom drawer to gather dust?

With a little imagination, there are plenty of novel ways to display your precious memories that take it beyond the humble album or picture frame, from turning your wedding photos into an elegant coffee table book to creating a fun collage everyone who visits your home can enjoy.

Photo display table


Create a talking piece in your living room with a photo display coffee table. You can rearrange your wedding photos and change them at will and, of course, you can even display items other than photographs such as shells, ornaments


Collect your absolute favourite (or best) photos from your big day and turn it into a coffee table photobook. A nice way to display it is with the book partially open on a sideboard or bookshelf surrounded by some knickknacks, or even wedding mementos.

Pegs, hooks and bulldog clips

Painted clothes pegs and hooks are great for an informal look and feel when displaying your precious memories or, as this Flickr user has done, you can use  a combination of mini butchers’ hooks and clips on pieces of wood for a more formal, yet still informal, appearance. Again, this set up is flexible enough to allow quick image changes, but also each image’s position can be moved in seconds.

Museum matted images:

Illinois-based photographer Sarah Tegman specialises in family photography, so it’s no wonder she came up with this clever idea, a more traditional but, nonetheless, eye-catching take on traditional framing. She bought matching antique frames and filled them with the wedding photos of her parents, grandparents, husband’s parents and, of course, her own wedding photos. She then mounted the images using museum matting which adds to the elegance of the collection. Gorgeous!

Image: Sarah Tegman

Image: Sarah Tegman

Black and white + photo frames

 This idea works particularly well if you have black and white wedding photos (or can convert some colour ones to black and white). Buy a bunch of black frames and insert the black and white images. The result is dramatic and looks fabulously elegant. You can use colour images or even coloured frames. The trick is to ensure they’re all level and at the same height and that the frames are identical.

Go mad with shapes

There’s no missing this eye-catching display. This loving couple have created their own frameless exhibit by placing Polaroid images in a heart shape and the effect is most dramatic but also lots of fun. You could try other shapes, including squares, rectangles, circles and, perhaps, even a star!

Framed collage:

Another clever version of the traditional framed image, this is a mini collage of images takes up a lot less space but allows you to take in more than one image without moving an inch. It’s colourful and a lovely way to group photos of single events such as weddings, birthdays etc. You could even do the same with several generations’ wedding photos and, if you only have a few, you could make the images in the collage bigger since this same idea would work equally well with fewer images.


Image: Flirting with Design blog - corkboard display for your wedding photos

Image: Flirting with Design blog

Purchase an inexpensive corkboard and some decorative pins, then start pinning up your favourite wedding photos up. It is a nice, informal way of displaying your wedding photos and the board can be hung in any room in your home.

Mason Jars containing photos

Image: Jessamyn Harris

Image: Jessamyn Harris

If you’re a fan of vintage, Mason jars are fabulous for displaying your wedding photos as a collection. It’s easy to change which photos appear and, of course to replace them. This works best with black and white images or sepia prints.

Picture pockets

Door frames Though this clever display is courtesy of a commercial product (Picture Pockets), you could just as easily decorate the back of your bedroom door with images from your big day. Laminated images would work best.

What ideas do you have for displaying your images? Perhaps you’ve got your wedding (or other) photos displayed in a clever or unique way? Why not share your ideas or even send in pictures of your, erm, pictures to social@easyweddings.com.au.

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