10 simple, but lovely Valentine’s Day gifts

Woman Marking Valentine's Day on a Calendar

While you can’t go wrong with traditional Valentine’s Day gifts such as chocolates, flowers and ridiculously fully stuffed animals, here are some fabulous suggestions for presents that are simple in nature – but chock full of love!

Create a personalised brew

If your other half is a beer aficionado (or just LOVES beer), why not treat them to a home-brewing kit so that they can come up with a beer that truly reflects their tastes. It’s a unique gift that will provide weeks, or perhaps, a lifetime of fun. If you’ve got a slightly bigger budget, there are several breweries that will create personalised brews professionally for you.

Bottles of beer in ice bucket

Written in the stars

A beautiful idea for a Valentine’s Day gift is to have a star named after your leading lady or gent. It may seem a little corny, but it is also something that won’t fail to raise a smile. Every time he or she looks up at the night sky, they’ll be reminded of your love and that somewhere out there, there’s a star named after them!

Night time with stars in sky

Small but loving gestures

Valentine’s Day gifts needn’t be extravagant. There are plenty of really cute ideas you could choose that aren’t huge, but still meaningful tokens of your affection. Perhaps you don’t have much money to spend, or, maybe, you have spent more on a lavish date and just want a little small gift to hand over. It could be something as small as a packet of lolly worms labelled “You’ve wormed your way into my heart.” These are adorable gifts that are sure to make your Valentine smile.

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Lolly-filled jar

If your guy or gal has a sweet tooth, try decorating a giant mason jar and fill it with his or her favourite sweets. This is a great gift to keep at their desk or at their workplace to snack on.

And, they’ll get a sweet little reminder of you each time they nibble on a sweet treat. You could also replace the lollies with biscuits, if that’s more to their tastes.

Glass Jar full of bright colorful lollies and candy with closed lid against a red orange background with copy space for your text here.

Help fulfill a lifelong dream

If the love of your life harbours a particular dream about a skill they wish they possessed, why not try to make it happen? Maybe they’ve always dreamed of cooking authentic Thai cuisine or, perhaps, learning to drive a race car.

Whatever he or she dreams about, it is probably possible to book an experience day or course of lessons that will enable them to

Young man kissing his wife while she mixing up salad ingredients

Create a movie night hamper

A great Valentine’s Day gift that you can make up yourself is a movie night hamper.

Grab a DVD or two, some popcorn, your loved one’s favourite wine and various snacks and sweets – and package them together. Seek out a popcorn bucket for added authenticity,


A genuine love letter

Take a leaf from the playbooks of lovers from a bygone era and and write your loved one a genuine, hand-written love letter telling them what they mean to you and how you truly feel about them.  It’s the kind of present they’ll treasure for a lifetime. And you may be able to share it with your kids or grandkids one day!

Envelopes with love you message

A date in a jar

Some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts are those which show you’ve put thought into coming up with something truly special. One great idea that will do exactly that is to build a date in a jar! All you need is a mason jar and a great idea for a date.

You then fill the jar with items relating to the date along with an invite to join you. For example, if you want to go and play mini golf on your date, your jar could contain a golf ball, tees, a score pad and pencil while an ice skating date might have some gloves, a warm hat and some sachets of hot chocolate for afterwards! With a little imagination you can create a date jar for most activities.

Couple with golf clubs walking on golf course

Personalised jewellery with a twist

Jewellery is a Valentine’s Day staple when it comes to gifts, but you can add your own unique twist by personalizing it, and we aren’t talking about having your loved one’s initials engraved into a ring! There are plenty of services that take the personalisation of typical pieces of jewellery one step further. The piece below, for example, incorporates your fingerprint or the fingerprint of your loved on, into a charm for a bracelet or necklace.

Unique gifts for your loved one

Image: Etsy Seller RockMyWorldINC

Your choice for a day out

Often Valentine’s Day ends up being all about the woman in the relationship. It has become synonymous with red roses, candlelight dinners and stereotypical romance, but why should it be all about the ladies?

Why not arrange a Valentine’s Day packed with activities the he wants to do? That could mean you end up spending Valentine’s Day going paintballing or fishing, but you might actually like it! Spoil your man for a change and choose an entire day’s activities based on his choices!

Handsome man taking his girlfriend on bicycle rack

Create a scavenger hunt

Create a trail of fun clues that your Valentine can follow to find all sorts of little gifts with something fun or a sweet surprise at the end of the hunt. Ensure the clues are personal, so that only he or she will be able to decipher it for a super personal touch.

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