10 romantic honeymoon ideas that won't break the bank

Who doesn’t want to wind down after the stress – and excitement – of your big day? Even the shortest of breaks is a lovely way to help couples settle into their new life together, but the sad truth is, not every couple can afford to get away.

Be it for financial reasons, other commitments or simply because they can’t get any more time off work, the humble honeymoon is no longer a given.

But there are compromises: honeymoon locally, honeymoon quickly or honeymoon at home! Regardless of whether it’s a lack of finances or time, here are 10 exciting honeymoon destinations to fit all budgets and even the busiest of schedules.

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. Image: Getty Images Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. Image: Getty Images

For couples who are looking for a more outdoor orientated honeymoon, then a trip to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania might be the ideal choice. With breathtaking views and fantastic hikes through the wilderness you will find plenty of free ways to pass the time, leaving more of your budget for accommodation in one of the many cosy little lodges in the area. Currently, flights and two-nights accommodation in Hobart or Launceston are available for about $700. Add in a few hundred dollars for car  hire and, maybe, a night’s accommodation in the pristine national park and your honeymoon will come in at just over $1000.

Road trip

Honeymoon road trip - Get in the car - and start driving!

Guaranteed to be memorable is a road trip honeymoon. Pack the basics, get in the car and head off to some far flung spot or country town. You could visit a country town you’ve longed to see or, better yet, dare to cross a border or two and see where you end up. Don’t make any concrete plans, just keep driving and stop when you feel like it or if you come across somewhere you might like to explore. You could hire a camper van, stopping at various country towns for locally made meals – or you could just stop at myriad public parks and BBQ stops and cook up your own tucker! Just be sure to stay safe and let someone know your general route and contact details!

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Honeymoon - Sunshine Coast Australia. Image: Istock

The Sunshine Coast

Couples looking for a beach honeymoon need not shell out thousands of dollars to lay on a faraway beach. Our very own Sunshine Coast lies just an hour north of Brisbane and features miles upon miles of stunning, remote beaches. Honeymooners can while away the hours relaxing on the beach enjoying each other’s company. If you’re smart about it and subscribe to various airline and travel agency newsletters, you can get flights as cheap as $66 one way.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An, Vietnam. Image: WayToVietnam.com

Believe it or not, having an affordable honeymoon does not mean you’ll need to skimp on luxury. In Hoi An, Vietnam you can find luxury beachfront accommodation for less than $100 per night. Combined with already discounted flights during off-peak periods (and even two-for-one deals), this means you could enjoy a short, five-star break for less than $2000.

Melbourne,  Victoria

Honeymoons - Melbourne Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Being based in Melbourne, we’re a tad biased, but we do live in a pretty fabulous city, if we do say so ourselves – and we’re not the only ones. Don’t forget Melbourne town has been named the World’s Most Livable city more than once. It’s cram packed with fabulous eateries, great coffee and a huge diversity of attractions. A weekend city break in Melbourne can be filled with activity – or just a couple of nights snuggling in a comfy and affordable city hotel overlooking the Yarra River.


Honeymoons - There is no shortage of activities both on land and sea in Vanuatu. Image: Vanuatu Tourism Office

There is no shortage of activities both on land and sea in Vanuatu. Image: Vanuatu Tourism Office

Located in the South Pacific, this stunning island nation offers so many things to do, you’ll barely have time to sleep. From snorkelling in coral reefs and underwater caves to touring local villages and enjoying a remarkable culture that, despite being thousands of years old, remains largely unchanged. Flights and accommodation for short stays are available for less than $800 per person.




Thailand is one of those amazing places you can enjoy for a lot less than you may think. The most expensive part of the trip will be the flights but it is possible to purchase flights and four nights’ accommodation for about $890 per person, but as low as $600 if you’re travelling from Perth. Given the low cost of food and transport, a Thailand honeymoon is easily possible for less than $2000.

South Island, New Zealand
<p style="text-align: center;" Honeymoons - Queenstown New Zealand Official Site

How many Australians don’t even consider a trip to New Zealand as heading overseas? But once you are there, it quickly becomes clear that you are most definitely in a different country, one that is as spectacularly beautiful as our own but in its own way – and it’s right on our back door. Hire a camper van and zip around the South Island where you’ll take in some breathtaking natural beauty in the form huge lakes, glaciers, majestic mountain ranges and fjords. Flights and accommodation packages can be found for as little as about $600 per person.

Sydney, New South Wales

The Harbour Bridge and Opera House

The Harbour Bridge and Opera House

Sydney may be renowned for being an expensive city, but there are plenty of low cost activities to enjoy if you can find an affordable hotel or self-catering apartment on the city’s fringes. Some free or low cost activities to try include surfing at Bondi Beach, walking across Sydney Harbour Bridge for spectacular views or visiting the Opera House or even just one of the daily ferries that cross the Harbour dozens of times.

Your hometown

Stay at home! Image: Heartstrings Embroidery

Stay at home! Image: Heartstrings Embroidery

Of course, there’s nothing wrong starting your married life at home and, whether it’s because you just can’t afford to leave home or you simply want to recuperate from all the wedding planning with your feet up in your own house, why not have a ‘staycation’? Stay at home but don’t tell anyone you’re there! Then, head out and enjoy your own city as a tourist would. Visit the main site seeing attractions, all those places you’ve always wanted to visit, but never have found the time to do so. No matter where you live, there will be plenty of treasures right on your doorsteps, so use the time to enjoy it with your new spouse.

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