10 reasons to start a wedding website

We spend a huge chunk of our lives online and when you are planning a wedding, you’re likely to spend even more time glued to the screen. It makes sense, then, to put together a website that is all about your wedding. A place to share your story, post updates, and countdown to the big day. It may seem like a lot of effort but with Easy Weddings, it couldn’t be simpler to create an online space to shout about your celebration. Not convinced? Here’s 10 reasons to start a wedding website.

You can share your story

A wedding website is a lovely way to give a little background on how you met and fell in love. You might be surprised at how many guests don’t know your story or only have a sketchy outline. Understanding something about a couple’s background can make attending their wedding even more special.

You can build excitement

As you count down to your wedding it’s nice to be able to share the building excitement with family and friends. Wedding websites come with a counter that ticks down to your big day which alongside regular updates and posts from you will help to create a buzz amongst your guests.

It saves on save the dates

If the thought of designing and ordering save the dates leaves you exhausted, then a wedding website could be the answer you are looking for. Simply link family and friends to your freshly created website and save on costs and hassle. As their fridges become overrun with save the date magnets, guests will thank you for this low impact way of sharing your news.

It saves on invite costs

Even with an awesome wedding website, you are likely to want to send out paper invitations. The great thing about a website is it reduces the information you need to include on these invitations. This saves on printing costs and means your design can be simple and clean. Remember to include your web address on your invitations to allow guests to access the information they need.

It’s a lot of fun

Having a space to get creative with your wedding is a lot of fun. At Easy Weddings, we offer a range of templates, allowing you to create a website that reflects you as a couple. Digging up old photos, writing your story and pulling together design elements is a satisfying break from the drama of wedding planning.

You can start a wedding blog

If you are a writerly type this could be the perfect excuse to start your own blog. Writing about the planning that goes into making an amazing wedding is a perfect way to unwind and gives your guests an insight into your world.

You can change plans easily

Imagine a road closes near to your venue and you have to provide fresh directions for 150 guests. Making 50 phone calls two days before your wedding probably doesn’t sound very appealing. With a wedding website, you can update plans at the click of a mouse before giving guests a quick nudge via email. A wedding website is an easy and efficient way to keep guests in the loop.

You can link guests to important info

Websites are great for sharing the little details that your guests need to know. A link to the venue, the order of service and your wedding registry can be invaluable in protecting you from hundreds of last minute queries. Make your wedding website a guest resource, providing guests with everything they need to know.

You can share wedding snaps

Your wedding website is the perfect place to host your wedding pictures after the event. This way you can save them in one place and ensure that they are only available to the people you want to share them with. If you’re not a big social media person this can be the perfect way to put your wedding photos online.

You can shout about your honeymoon

Friends and family often contribute to a couple’s honeymoon, so it’s great to be able to share the love and the pictures after you return home. Keep your wedding website live for a couple of months after the wedding and let everyone know about your trip.

At Easy Weddings, we have all the tools you need to make your wedding amazing. Check out our wedding website tool and start to create your very own wedding website today!

Convinced? Create your wedding website today!

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