10 reasons to get married

reasons to get married

There have been jokes around forever about marriage and getting married but, despite the gags, and even the critics, marriage remains a popular lifestyle choice. Why? Because, aside from being a wonderful and fun institution, there are plenty of terrific benefits. Here are just 10:

You make more money

Yep, it’s true! Marriage means you have the chance to share your expenses and pool your resources and incomes. So, you’ll have fewer costs and a greater revenue. From a business point of view, marriage is a brilliant economic move.

Improve your longevity

Study after study tell us that married people live longer than their unmarried counterparts and that they’re happier, however, most recently, a Harvard study showed that married people were far more likely than unmarried people to detect cancer in its earlier stages – and, therefore, seek treatment.

Share your worries

We all go through stress with work, relationships, finance, etc. Being married means you have someone to share your difficulties with, to talk things over with and to make plans for a recovery. You have a built-in buddy.

Silent communication

It’s great to know what someone is thinking without them saying a word. You get that when you’re married. It can be a reprimand or an invitation or any other matter. It’s a language unique to a married couple.

Build that family tree

Though marriage isn’t the only way to start a family, it is the traditional way to do so – and to carry on the family name.

reasons why marriage is awesome

Improve your life

Marriage offers many challenges. Being in love is great but adapting to your partner teaches you all sorts of things such as patience, understanding, kindness and perseverance. Being married can make you a better human being.

You gain new friends

Your partner’s friends can become your friends. Each partner will bring their own friends to the relationship and, just as you share other parts of your life, you’ll also share an grown your circle of friends.

You’ll never go on another awkward date

Having a life-partner means you’ll know their likes and dislikes. Whenever you go out together, you’ll feel confident. You know their favourite meals and drinks. You know their reading and movie likes. You’ve got the best date possible waiting for you at home.

Your sex life is more rewarding

Many married couples say that their sex life takes on a new and deeper meaning. Sex is more intimate (for a while at least)!

Be happy

Again researchers constantly tell us that, for the most part, married folk are far happier for longer periods of time than single people.

benefits of marriage

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