10 mouth-watering fruit cake alternatives

Wedding Fruit cake alternatives

While a beautifully decorated fruit cake may be a traditional favourite, there are plenty of equally delicious alternatives

A Royal Icing covered, multi-tiered fruit cake may be a traditional wedding favourite, but it’s hardly the only choice. Whether you’d like to serve something a little different or simply do not want a heavy fruit cake with rich icing, modern brides have plenty of alternatives.

Expert cake maker and decorator Heidi Lee from Heidi’s Dream Cakes in Glenwood, NSW says the possibilities are endless and that, “with all the alternatives on offer, sometimes it really is difficult to pick just one flavour”.

The solution? Heidi suggest tiers in different flavours.

“It’s a perfect solution to the dilemma of choosing your wedding cake because this way your guests have a choice of flavours and couples don’t have to fight over picking just one type of cake.”

Heidi says her top three requested flavours are chocolate mud, vanilla butter cake and banana, but that most cake makers have a variety of offerings, everything from egg-free cakes to a plain old butter cake.

However, if you’re looking for something less traditional, Heidi suggests the following fruit cake alternatives:

  1. Chocolate mud – a rich chocolatey taste that melts in your mouth is always a hit
  2. Vanilla butter – a traditional cake that is soft, light and not too rich
  3. White chocolate mud – offers a lovely sweet chocolatey taste without being too heavy
  4. Marble mud – giant swirls of milk chocolate and white chocolate ensure it looks fabulous when cut
  5. Banana – Heidi’s favourite, she says this is pure deliciousness without any fuss
  6. Orange and poppyseed – has a refreshing, zesty that is perfect with a cup of coffee after a heavy main meal
  7. Carrot cake – has a lovely colour and adds to a casual wedding’s relaxed feel
  8. Almond praline – just divine and one piece is never enough, this is a moist cake filled with almond and almond meal rather than lots of flour
  9. Caramel mud cake – thoroughly indulgent and rich and just what a cake should be
  10. Red velvet – at present, this vibrant red cake is incredibly popular. It’s bold and unforgettable

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Wedding Fruit cake alternatives

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