10 honeymoon spots for couples who love adventure

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Modern newlyweds are a different breed of traveller to their parents and grandparents, which is why it’s not surprising we’re seeing an increasing number of couples opting for honeymoon itineraries that are more  about once-in-a-lifetime experiences and challenges, than endless days locked away in a hotel room or sipping cocktails by the beach.

While hotel rooms and beaches make for wonderful (and memorable) honeymoons, there are other ways to get your adrenaline pumping!

So, if the perfect start to your new life together involves swimming with Great White sharks or cycling down an active volcano, here, in no particular order, are 10 rather awesome honeymoon spots guaranteed to ensure your honeymoon truly is one you’ll never forget.

1.     Montana, United States

Easy Weddings - adventure honeymoons - Montana
Add some cowboy boots to your wedding registry and have your honeymoon in America’s Wild West.

The scenery in the state of Montana is unlike anything you have ever seen; the dramatic Rocky Mountains as a backdrop over endless land and winding rivers.

Yellowstone and Glacier National Park are definitely worth a stop, and camping within the parks could be just the escape to nature you need after all that wedding planning and the big event itself.

Watch out for bears before taking in some river rafting on Montana’s world-class rapids.

Oh, and if that’s not adventure enough for you, don’t forget you can also go horseback riding, mountain climbing, skiing, biking and hiking. Montana is an adventurous couple’s dream honeymoon destination.

2.    Kerala, India

Easy Weddings - adventure honeymoons - Kerala India
Hold hands kayaking down the backwaters of Kerala, as you drift by tiny river side villages along the banks. Kerala is nicknamed ‘God’s Country’ and the spectacular scenery of hilly tea plantations, gorgeous mountain peaks, and extensive waterways are the perfect backdrop for an adventurous honeymoon abroad. Oh, and the food…

Visit Periyar National Park where you can both come face to face with Bengal tigers, Indian Elephants, or even a king cobra or two. Don’t miss hiking up Anamudi Mountain, the tallest peak in the Western Ghats, that rewards you with breathtaking views of the mist shrouded lands below.

3.    Belize

Easy Weddings - adventure honeymoons - Belize
The Central American paradise of Belize was made for adventure. From scuba diving along the Belize Barrier Reef to spelunking in caves with cascading waterfalls at every turn, it is easy to see why this small country is becoming one of the world’s go-to honeymoon destinations for adventurous couples.

For lovebirds heading to Belize, be sure to check out the incredible Mayan ruins of Caracol. He can play Indiana Jones to your damsel in distress as you take in this ancient civilisation that dates back to 1500 BCE. English is the official language in Belize, good to know for those who want to get around easily but still experience a new culture.

4.     Tanzania

Easy Weddings - adventure honeymoons - snorkeling (Tanzania)

If you both dream about seeing the ‘Big 5’,  Tanzania is where those dreams will come true. For those who want luxury with a good mix of fun, a safari honeymoon in this African nation is a must.

Your first stop will, no doubt, be the world famous Serengeti National park where you can see the elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo and leopard, all in one amazing location. If looking a lion in the eyes doesn’t get your blood pumping fast enough, test your newly married endurance by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Finish off in Zanzibar where you can take in some of the best snorkeling in Africa.

5.     Laos

Easy Weddings - adventure honeymoons - Laos
Landlocked in south-east Asia, Laos is often passed up for it’s more well-known neighbours Cambodia, Vietnam, or Thailand. This isolation and slower streams of tourism have kept the pristine countryside and local culture incredibly intact.

For the ultimate Laotian adventure, start in the Southwestern province of Lampasak where you can explore the ruins of the thousand-year-old Wat Phou temple complex together. You and your new spouse will never forget exploring kilometres of spectacular, crowd-free ruins together.

6.     Peru

Easy Weddings - adventure honeymoons - Peru

Peru is a magical country, full of mysterious ancient civilisations and landscapes that are so special they look like they don’t belong on Earth. Peru offers visitor’s jungles, beaches, mountains, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and much, much more.

You can’t mention a honeymoon in Peru without talking about Machu Picchu.You will have a  once-in-a-lifetime experience together  as you take in the Lost City of the Incas, towering high over the Sacred Valley below. The Salar de Uyuni should also not be missed; this fascinating salt flat reflects like a giant mirror. Brilliant place for the post-wedding photo ops.

7.     Hawaii

Easy Weddings - adventure honeymoons - Hawaii

While Hawaii fits the bill for any type of couple, those with an appetite for adventure will have a honeymoon of their fantasies on this American island.

On the island of Kawaii, you can jump on your bikes for a volcano tour that takes you right up to bubbling, molten lava. After such a hot activity you will be looking to cool down, so grab those surf boards and own the famous Hawaiian waves. You can’t go to Hawaii without attending a romantic Hawaiian luau, so don your best tropical prints and head down to the beach for a hog roast and traditional dancing under the stars.

8.     Everest Base Camp

Easy Weddings - adventure honeymoons - Everest base camp

Your friends and family may think all your wedding planning has sent you both bonkers,

but what better place on Earth to tackle together than Mount Everest?

Sure, you will only be trekking to the place where professional trekkers begin their ascent, but this adventure will be one you will cherish together for the rest of your lives.

Starting either in Nepal or Tibet, you can join a trek lasting one to two weeks that takes you through some of the most isolated areas on Earth. Take in the lone yak herders along the mountain sides, ancient Buddhist temples, and the symbolic prayer flags waving in the winds.

9.     Turks and Caicos

Easy Weddings - adventure honeymoons - honeymoons for adventurers

Turks and Caicos is the perfect choice for couples who want a more typically relaxed h

oneymoon destination with just a little bit of adventure on the side. This Caribbean island screams romance with it’s turquoise waters and the plentiful beachside resorts to choose from.

When you can’t drink another daiquiri on Turks and Caicos white sand beaches, try your luck at sailing while watching for humpback whales and dolphins. Leave relaxed and more in love than ever, just don’t be surprised if you want to come back every anniversary.

10.      New Zealand
Adventure honeymoons - New Zealand

New Zealand is, quite possibly, one of the most romantic destinations to start your new life together in, and it’s on our backdoor!

The adventure possibilities aren’t too bad either, and you will be spoilt by the sheer number of options available.

Take a hot balloon ride over the dramatic land below, and cheers to your next chapter together with a champagne toast at sunrise. Go horseback riding along the coast and watch the sun go down together over the endless waters. Take in a hike, some heliskiing, or even ‘fall’ in love by bungee jumping into a gorge below.

New Zealand is a captivating place for lovers and adventure seekers alike.

Whether you choose to go on safari or spelunking in the caves of Belize, there are incredible locations all over the planet to have a fun and inspired honeymoon.

But, newlyweds beware, once you get the taste for adventure you may spend the rest of your married lives together trying to fill that insatiable hunger.

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