10 gift ideas for couples marrying in an overseas destination wedding

Gift ideas for couples marrying in a destination wedding

With an increasing number of couples opting to jet off to exotic overseas locations to say their “I Dos,” more and more guests are being posed with the problem of what to give as a destination wedding gift.

Thankfully, whether you’re heading off with them or not, there are plenty of alternatives and, sometimes, the choice is easier than if they were buying a gift for a wedding being held locally. Oh, and you won’t have to lug any of these around with you, if you are attending!


Find out where the happy couple will be staying and organise to pay for a lovely dinner the night after the wedding or, perhaps, at their hotel or a local restaurant anytime during their honeymoon. If you’d rather organise something else, perhaps you could pay for a massage wherever they’re staying.

A bottle of wine

Organise to have a nice bottle of wine or bubbly sent to the bride and groom’s room for after the ceremony so they can celebrate together. There are even companies that will customize labels to make it an even more memorable gift.


If the couple don’t own luggage or need some new travel gear, why not give them their wedding gift in the form of new luggage (or a voucher for the luggage)? Just be sure to organise it with them long before the wedding, so that they know it’s coming and can tick it off their To-Do list!

Use a gift registry

Even though a couple is planning a destination wedding, they may still likely create a gift registry. You can have a gift from this registry sent to them before or after the ceremony, and have confidence that you will be giving them exactly what they want.

Gift vouchers

Consider giving the couple a gift card that suits their tastes or hobbies that they can use while overseas. For example, perhaps they love to fly and are off to Colorado, you could pay for a scenic flight over the Grand Canyon or, if they’re off to Fiji and intend on partaking in a little snorkeling, why not pre-purchase a couple of lessons?

Clothing and accessories

If the destination wedding is on the beach, consider giving the bride and groom customized sunglasses or beach towels. If their wedding is at a ski resort or someplace cold, consider new gloves, a ski bag or other accessory they will find useful during their wedding trip.


You could organise for personalized lollies to be made with the couple’s name and wedding date. They could be used during the wedding as a sweet treat!

Personalized canvas photos

If you are attending a beach destination wedding, consider writing the couple’s name in the foreign sands and taking a picture of the couple standing nearby. When you get home, you can then organise to have the image printed on a custom canvas or blown up as a large photo, which you can then give the couple as a keepsake of their big day.


As long as you can afford it, you could pay for a night’s accommodation for the couple who are, likely, staying at a hotel. Even if they’re not and are, perhaps, staying with friends or family, you could treat them to a night’s accommodation at a lovely place nearby where they’re marrying.


If all else fails, cash is about as universal a gift as one can give. Money is easy to carry and can be used to purchase something chosen by the couple themselves, perhaps a wonderful souvenir of their overseas wedding.

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