10 art deco inspired wedding cakes

If you are going for a vintage theme for your wedding day then you might want to think about an art deco style. It is the ideal choice for vintage weddings as there are plenty of ways to incorporate the look into all aspects of the wedding from decor to attire and everything in between!

As an example, let’s take a look at some art deco inspired wedding cakes.

Gold accented wedding cake

This square tiered cake is a perfect example of the art deco style. It is iced in ivory with a very simple circular design in a gold accent which epitomises the art deco style. The feathered toppers are also very in keeping with the era.

Pretty in pink

Image:  WedBook

Image: WedBook

Another great example of the art deco style is this stunning pale pink hexagonal tiered cake. It is embellished with pearls and features a classic art deco fan motif that was used extensivley during the period.

A touch of gold

The classic art deco fan pattern is also replicated on this beautiful, sharply lined cake. The addition of the gold glitter and black icing on the design echo the trend for black and gold during the art deco period and the inclusion of the chevron design also adds another popular art deco pattern.

Green dream


Image : Pinterest

There are some colours that just scream art deco and this soft shade of green in one of them. The rose gold fan design and touch of sparkle really make this design pop while the diamante trim gives this art deco style a modern twist.

Silver sensation

This art deco inspired creation has a modern twist thanks to the metallic silver finish to the middle tier. However, the scalloped effect and fan design on the other tiers are clearly art deco inspired.

Turban chic

One of the key fashion elements for ladies during the art deco period was the chic turban. This headgear was often adorned with a brooch in one of the classic art deco patterns. This cake captures that style beautifully with the wrap effect on the fondant and the fan like topper with a touch of gold.

Bold and beautiful

Black and gold is a classic colour combination for the art deco period and this cake demonstrated why. With the black icing and gold embellishment it is certainly a bold statement and would act as a stunning centrepiece at any vintage wedding.

Art deco roses

The subtle pink colouring on this cake makes it ideal for a garden wedding. The stylized black rose motif if very art deco and yet it also feels fairly modern. The ‘tuxedo’ motif on the upper tier makes the cake a little more formal and the black tipped sugar roses on top give it a little edge.

Make everyone green with envy

Another beautiful green wedding cake with an art deco twist. The soft gold accent colour goes wonderfully with the green fondant and the different patterns on the tiers are all very typical of the art deco period.

All about the bling

This cake is a perfect choice for a glitzy wedding thanks to the multitude of diamante and silver accents on the tiers. It has a very modern feel and yet it clearly takes its inspiration from the art deco period when we look at the shapes and patterns. This cake gives you the best of both worlds – some vintage style with a modern touch of glam.

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