Must-see wedding movies

Nobody does a great romance like Hollywood, from its tales of longtime friends that inevitably turned lovers to mortal enemies who realise their spark is actually fuelled by desire.

However their romances unfold, they make for gripping viewing and, of course, they all end (or begin) with a joyous wedding.

Here are some of our favourite wedding-themed flicks of all time (in no particular order):

Classic wedding movies - Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Twenty years on, this classic comedy is just as fresh and funny. It starts off with a volley of ‘F’ words (none of which are ‘four’ or ‘funeral’) and then launches into an entertaining, heartfelt and heartbreaking journey through ‘I do’  as a group of friends spends what seems to be every weekend attending weddings. Cue incompetent vicars, terrible best man speeches and some godawful bridesmaids’ dresses!

Must-see moment:  The end credits with Fiona’s Prince Charming.

Classic wedding movies - My Big Fat Greek Wedding

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Boy meets girl plus girl’s extended and over-the-top family, all of whom think they should have a say in the engagement, the big day – and the happily ever after.

Is the groom scared off? No way. John Corbett is one of the good ‘uns. And he definitely going to put a ring on it.

Must-see moment: Was that a Backstreet Boy we just saw?

Classic wedding movies - Made of Honour

Made of Honour

See what they did there with the title?

But bad puns aside McDreamy, sorry Patrick Dempsey, is in fine form as the inventor of the coffee collar who’s more than happy to keep things strictly platonic with his long-time BFF – until she heads overseas and meets an aristocratic Mr Right.

Must-see moment:  Grandma Pearl’s glow-in-the-dark, erm, ‘toys’.

Classic wedding movies - The Wedding crashers

Wedding Crashers

There’s something very wrong about best friends Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan, who crash weddings in order to bed as many women as possible.

But when a pair of sisters catch their eyes – including a scene-stealing Isla Fisher – they soon learn that true love is your soul’s recognition of its counterpart in another.

Must-see moment: “Ma, the meatloaf.”

Classic wedding movies - Muriel's wedding

Muriel’s Wedding

All Muriel wants to do is have a wedding, with little thought as to what happens afterwards.

It’s an oversight that comes back to haunt her when a green-card marriage doesn’t lead to happily ever after.

It’s a sad lesson to learn, but paves the way for an upbeat ending and the realisation that sometimes, friends are the love of your life.

Must-see moment: “You’re terrible, Muriel.”

Classic wedding films - 27 dresses

27 Dresses

This flick could have been called The Bridesmaid Strikes Back!

Katherine Heigl stars as a pushover who’s love of a big day has filled her closet with 27 bridesmaid dresses, but no wedding gown. Until James Marsden turns up as a reporter looking to make it big.

Must-see moment: The penultimate wedding, where a bevvy of brides get their comeuppance for hideous bridesmaid dresses.

Classic wedding movies - The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride

OK, so it’s technically more action adventure than romance, but the plot revolves around Buttercup’s upcoming marriage to the murder-minded Prince Humperdinck, so it counts.

And besides, what’s more romantic than a pirate who’ll brave a Fire Swamp, the Zoo of Death and much much more to rescue his one true love?

Must-see moment: “As you wish.”

Classic wedding movies - Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride

The course of true love literally doesn’t run smoothly as commitment-phobe Julia Roberts leaves a procession of fiances stranded at the altar.

Enter columnist Richard Gere, who hears the story secondhand and puts his job at jeopardy by writing about it.

Deciding to get the facts straight from the horse’s mouth, he soon discovers his interest goes beyond a byline.

Must-see moment: All those wasted dresses…

Classic wedding films - Bridesmaids


Wilson Phillips at your ceremony? Yes, please. It’s the perfect almost-end note to a story filled with laughter, jealousy, relationship realities, oneupmanship, the biggest gingerbread heart ever created and Melissa McCarthy in fine form.

Scripted and starring funnygirl Kristen Wiig, who we think scored the best man for herself.

Must-see moment: The upmarket wedding boutique. Enough said.

Classic wedding movies - The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler’s first collaboration is a glorious ode to the ‘80s. But there’s so much more to take away from it than nostalgia, not least the fact the right person is the one who knows and loves you for what you are, not the one who won’t let you have the window seat on the plane.

Must-see moment: Steve Buscemi in a spectacular pastel tux belting out Spandau Ballet’s True.

Classic wedding movies - Father of the Bride Classic wedding movies - Father of the Bride - Elizabeth Taylor

Father of the Bride

Steve Martin is both funny and frazzled as the father who can’t accept his little girl is getting married – and to a man she’s only known for three months. As he frets about everything from the wealth of his future in-laws to Franck the wedding planner’s extravagant ways, his attitude threatens to derail the whole thing. Thank goodness for no-nonsense wife Nina.

The original, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracey (in black and white above), is also worth a look.

Must-see moment: Who knew basketball could be so moving?

Classic wedding movies - The Wedding date

The Wedding Date

When her younger half-sister sets the date, with her ex as best man, Debra Messing doesn’t want to go single, so she hires the handsome and suave Dermot Mulroney as her plus-one.

Amidst the family tensions, he proves an unexpected rock to lean on – and the kind of man she’s always wanted. Both soon realise there’s more than money to this deal.

Must-see moment: “I’d rather fight with you than make love with anyone else.”

Classic wedding movies -Guess who's coming to dinner

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn’s characters raised their on-screen daughter to be liberal and free-spirited, yet they’re taken aback when she introduces them to her fiancee (Sidney Poitier), who is black.

This classic wedding flick was filmed in the late ’60s, so modern viewers will, without doubt, cringe at some of the sentiments expressed and even parts of the storyline, but it was, at the time, absolutely ground-breaking and stands the test of time with some very fine acting from true Hollywood legends.

Must-see moment: Dad’s final speech.

Classic wedding movies - The Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner

Apparently, Jennifer Lopez’s wedding planning character Mary Fiore, didn’t read the chapter about not mixing business with pleasure.

As a wedding planner on the way up, her career ambitions get a substantial boost when she’s hired by a wealthy heiress to pull her big day together. There’s only one slight hitch – J-Lo is in love with the groom. And it seems the feeling is mutual….

Must-see moment: Movies in the park.

Classic wedding flicks- Bride Wars

Bride Wars

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway are best friends who grow up dreaming about holding their weddings at New York’s Plaza Hotel in June.

Sadly, fate has other plans, and somehow schedules their big days on the same date.

Does one of them graciously step aside to allow the other her moment in the sun? Heck no. Instead, all-out war breaks ensues! May the best – or should that be worst – woman win.

Must-see moment:  The wedding gown fight.

Classic wedding films - High Society

High Society

A charming and oh-so-sweet musical starring Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, as well as a pre-royal Grace Kelly as a socialite planning her big day.

As if planning the wedding of the year wasn’t enough to keep her busy, two blokes join her fiancée in a fight for her affections – one a reporter and the other her ex-husband.

Talk about one’s cup running over.

Interestingly, this also marked Kelly’s final role before her own wedding, to Prince Rainier of Monaco.

Must-see moment: Any of the film’s amazing duets and, of course, Louis Armstrong’s fabulous performances.

Classic wedding movies - My Best Friend's Wedding

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Definitely not the Pretty Woman’s finest hour. When best friend Dermot Mulroney announces his plans to wed the young and vibrant Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts realises she loves him herself and goes on the offensive, determined to destroy their engagement and walk away with a groom.

Hell truly does have no fury like a bride-to-be scorned.

Must-see moment: Anything with Rupert Everett.

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