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The definitive guide to choosing your wedding music

When it comes to wedding music, the choice is astronomical. There are so many songs out there, how are you going to narrow it down? The process can feel overwhelming but it needn’t be. All you need... Read more

Unique ideas for entertaining guests at your drinks reception

The ceremony has gone smoothly. Your guests are excited, chatty and mingling while you pose for pictures and other essential freshly married couple stuff. Now comes one of the hardest parts of... Read more

20 modern songs about love for your wedding playlist

WARNING: Sappy love songs ahead! Before you cue the eye roll, hear us out. There is something beautiful about having a forum where you can open your heart and show your inner mushiness. There is no... Read more

15 unique wedding songs to inspire you

In need of some beautiful (but not overplayed) wedding songs for those who want the perfect song list for their big day. Walk down the aisle to one of these or use them to have a few options for... Read more

10 wedding songs that’ll melt your heart

On the hunt to build the perfect playlist for your wedding? Look no further! Here's the top 10 weddings songs that'll get everyone in that romance mood. 'You've Got the Love' - Florence and the... Read more

2 London wedding DJs to get you moving

While setting up an iPod and putting fate in technology's hands seems like an easy, cheap wedding music option - consider this: A professional wedding DJ will save you moments of agonising... Read more

How to choose your wedding aisle song

Traditional bridal marches no longer rule the aisle as more and more couples opt a for a song that reflects personality over formality. If you’re a bride looking to get personal with her... Read more

2016: the 10 most popular first-dance wedding songs in the world (2016)

Each year, online music giant Spotify releases its list of the most popular first-dance wedding songs based on the 6.7 million wedding-themed playlists in its catalogue. This year's list (for... Read more

Wedding flash mob: how to make yours memorable

A legendary Leicester flash mob where the bride’s mum organised her friends to join in with the professionals Image: Club... Read more

14 totally corny love songs you won’t be able to resist including in your wedding playlist

Whether it's for your first dance or your big walk down the aisle, here are 14 supremely cheesy love songs that are so darn corny and so darn sugary sweet, you'll (secretly) adore playing them during... Read more

10 totally sweet – and classic – father-daughter dance songs

One of the most special and truly emotional moments at any wedding is when the bride takes to the... Read more

Ten top tips for a fabulous first dance

Some couples view their first dance on a terror scale that’s equaled only by public speaking. I... Read more

13 wedding songs to walk down the aisle to (updated for 2017)

Picking a song to walk down the aisle to is just one of the many fun things involved in planning a wedding, and it's also a great way to let your personality shine on your big day. If you're looking... Read more

Bride and groom’s ‘epic’ wedding dance is viewed more than 3.5 million times. Yes, it’s THAT epic! An American couple has enlisted the help of all 250 of their wedding guests to create an epic wedding video that has been viewed more than 3.5 million... Read more

A guide to Celtic wedding music

Add a celtic swing to your wedding with a touch of celtic wedding music. Whether you just want to include a few traditional songs, or you plan to hold a full on Ceilidh, here are some tips on using... Read more

The dos and don’ts of wedding reception music

There are no rules about wedding reception music, and you can choose any band or DJ to add your own personality to the event. However, there are some guidelines that might help you and these dos... Read more

Choosing your perfect first dance song

Choosing a first dance song can be tricky unless you already know ‘your song’. Luckily, there are plenty of tunes out there from romantic to traditional songs. There are also some fun... Read more

Ten tips for finding your first dance song

Your first dance is an important moment in the wedding and your first dance song will remind you of that moment for the rest of your life – so there’s a bit of pressure to get it right! Here are... Read more

Putting together your wedding ceremony music

Deciding on wedding ceremony music requires thought and planning as you will need to choose pieces for the various stages of the ceremony, such as the procession, the recession and the signing of the... Read more

Catholic wedding music for your wedding

Music is a crucial part of catholic weddings and it needs to be pastoral, musical, and liturgical.  Whether you have a Mass or just the simple Liturgy of the Word, there are a few things you need to... Read more

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