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Dos and don’ts of wedding favours

 It was the French who began the tradition of giving gifts to guests at weddings. While it originated as boxes of sweets, most notably candied almonds, wedding favours now come in all sorts of... Read more

10 edible wedding favours your guests will love

The days of dull sugared almonds are thankfully long over. Wedding favours or bombonieres are now a way to both show off your creativity and provide a heartfelt thank you to your guests for attending... Read more

Are alcohol miniature wedding favours right for your wedding?

Couples looking to give their loved ones a heartfelt thank you for attending their big day, should consider offering wedding favours. Moreover, while it is always a treat to receive a table of sweets... Read more

Using technology to bust your wedding planning stress

One of the best things about technology is how it makes everyday life easier. And when it comes to wedding planning, things are no different. Want to include overseas friends and family in your... Read more

Make a sweet centrepiece – 10 ways to feature chocolate in your wedding

They say that chocolate is a girl’s other best friend, but that doesn’t mean your wedding guests won’t also go crazy for the sweet treat everyone craves. Here are 10 ways to incorporate... Read more

When to order your wedding favours

Wedding favours aren’t usually a high priority for couples planning their weddings but it’s important to say thank you to your wedding guests and if you don’t get those wedding favours on your... Read more

Inspiration for unusual wedding favours

Wedding favours come in many flavours and even though sugared almonds are a traditional wedding favour to give; there are also great alternatives to keep in mind. Unusual wedding favours are an... Read more

Cultural wedding favours to add flavour to your wedding

Cultural wedding favours can be a great way to introduce your own background or cultural heritage into your wedding celebrations. Here are a few ideas for those couples looking for cultural wedding... Read more

When to hand out wedding favours

Wedding favours are often placed on the wedding tables, one in each place setting, but modern couples are looking for alternative ways to distribute their wedding favours. Check out these four ideas... Read more

Lovely ideas for seasonal wedding favours

Knowing where to begin in your search for wedding favours can be half the battle, so unless you have a distinct wedding theme the best place to get inspiration may be the season of your wedding. Here... Read more

Modern alternatives to rice and confetti

While the tradition of throwing rice and confetti as the bride and groom leave the ceremony venue is a longstanding one, other alternatives are also becoming popular. Find out all you need to know... Read more

Wonderful wedding favour ideas

It's always nice to put a lot of effort into your wedding favours, as these are a token of your appreciation and your way of thanking your guests for attending your celebration. Traditionally,... Read more

A quick guide to wedding favours

Wedding favours are essentially thank yous to your friends and family for attending your wedding and sharing in your unforgettable day. The favours are usually small and are either an edible treat, a... Read more

The ups and downs of edible wedding favours

Edible wedding favours are an established wedding ritual. Traditionally, the happy couple would offer their guests five sugared, tulle-wrapped almonds signifying health, wealth, happiness, longevity... Read more

Tasteful wine wedding favours

One of the most popular wedding favours at the moment are miniature bottles of wine. This is an especially good choice for wine connoisseurs or weddings that are held at a vineyard venue. Keep... Read more

Ten ideas for unique wedding favours

When we think of wedding favours, the image that first springs to mind is a handful of sugared almonds wrapped in tulle. Although its’ a symbolic way to thank your guests for attending your... Read more

Handy hints for a wedding candy buffet

A wedding candy buffet is a great alternative to traditional wedding favours and it gives your guests something to do at the reception. A candy buffet is a kind of pic n mix where guests create their... Read more

Creative ideas for wedding favour boxes

A fit-for-purpose favour box performs two functions. Firstly, it is an offering to your guests, thanking them for attending your wedding and wishing them well. The second is to add a unique twist to... Read more

Ten ideas on wedding favour candles

If you are looking for an alternative to the standard edible wedding favours given to loved ones after a wedding celebration, you should seriously consider the twin practicality and beauty of wedding... Read more

Six reasons to choose chocolate wedding favours

Everyone love chocolate wedding favours and it’s no wonder. Chocolate has that universal appeal and there are so many different wedding favour options available there’s something to suit all... Read more

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