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What is a microwedding?

A recent trend has come up in weddings that we thought was interesting- the "microwedding"! Learn all about what a microwedding is and what the benefits of holding one for yourself could be here: So... Read more

Family Christmas games to play with your future in-laws

The presents are under the tree, the Christmas lights are up, and it’s that time of year again when family and work parties take over your social calendar. But whether you’ve been together for... Read more

11 Japanese wedding traditions you may not know about:

Traditional Japanese weddings combine a whole range of elements, from extremely traditional to modern adaptations. Japanese wedding traditions and customs have evolved to combine both Japanese and... Read more

10 things to do for your husband/wife every year:

So, you're married! Yay! No doubt, you will be absolutely over the moon and happy, moving into this new stage of life together. But do you need some ideas on things to do for your husband or wife to... Read more

11 signs you’re marrying your soulmate

So, you've agreed to take part in the wild ride that is marriage. You've found someone to share your life with and who will stand up with you in front of your closest family and friends and confess... Read more

Top 10 most popular wedding venues in London

With London being a huge hub of the UK it’s not surprising that it is still one of the most popular locations for people looking to get married.  There are many amazing wedding venues to choose... Read more

What to write in a wedding card to a couple

Got a few weddings coming up and stuck on what to say in all of those wedding cards? Here are some tips on what to NOT write on the card, and of course, what to write in a wedding card to a... Read more

8 things no one ever tells newlyweds

Throughout your engagement, and probably also on your wedding day, you will be thrown many pearls of wisdom from those you know and love to help you to maintain a happy and successful... Read more

How long should a wedding speech be?

The rings have been exchanged, the photos have been snapped, and everyone is enjoying the eat, drink, and be merry section of your wedding day... and then come the speeches. They can be... Read more

How to plan a simple wedding

There are so many ways you can get caught up in minute details when planning your wedding. But, going back to basics and aiming for a simple wedding doesn't mean you will end up with something bland... Read more

13 great engagement gift ideas you should consider

When you have a friend or family member that gets engaged it is nice to send a gift that says “congratulations!” However, knowing what is appropriate to send can be a bit overwhelming. The... Read more

Escape to these 10 romantic honeymoon destinations

Looking for the most romantic location to jet off to after your wedding? To help you get started, here's 10 of the most romantic honeymoon destinations worldwide. Paris France's capital city,... Read more

Your guide to wedding day drinks

At most weddings alcohol will be served to guests, even if only during the bride and groom's first toast. The amount and variety of drinks on offer will usually depend on the number of guests. You... Read more

10 wedding myths blown out of the water

Few things in life are as steeped in pomp and ceremony as a wedding. And as anyone who's ever planned one knows, there's plenty of opinions about what you "must" do and what you "must" have. From... Read more

How to look good in front of the camera

 While everyone scrubs up nicely when a wedding day rolls around, the thought of spending an hour or more in front of the camera can be stressful for those who are usually camera shy. But there are... Read more

Why you should have a rehearsal dinner

With all of the time and effort that goes into planning your wedding day, the thought of hosting another event might seem like it'd be enough to push you over the edge... but in fact, a wedding... Read more

15 unique Indian wedding traditions

Indian weddings are the epitome of glam. The bright colours, the longstanding traditions, and a sprinkling of good-humoured fun thrown in for good measure make them a feast for all of the... Read more

Pros and cons of having a ‘first look’ photo shoot

Toying with the idea of bucking tradition and having a 'first look'? Modern couples today are more inclined to see one another before their wedding ceremony - but whether it's for you is a matter of... Read more

Tips for proposing with children involved

Modern proposals and couples often involve children from previous relationships. Instead of being unsure of how to proceed with your proposal when children are present, use these ideas of including... Read more

10 signs you’re ready to propose

Getting married is a huge step. It is also one that you should not jump into unless you are completely ready to do so. Knowing the signs that you are ready to get married can help you decide it is... Read more

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