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Writing prompts for your wedding vows

Have you been struck with writer's block? Here's some simple writing prompts for your wedding vows to get you thinking about what you love about each other. Once you have these questions answered,... Read more

Kids at weddings: The horror stories you need to know

Kids at weddings: they look extremely adorable in their flower girl dresses and mini suits; but with children's behaviour so incredibly unpredictable at the best of times, it's a little wonder that... Read more

Woman complains about “small” £1.3k ring

A woman took to Mumsnet recently to complain about the "small solitaire" her fiance chose to propose to her with. The woman said that her partner earns nearly six figures and is "usually very... Read more

Your ultimate last-minute wedding checklist

These are the things that most people seem to forget on the day of their wedding, so we have compiled an ultimate last minute wedding checklist for you: Lingerie It seems very obvious, but you... Read more

Your ultimate guide to wedding day perfume

Among the utmost important aspects of your special day, your wedding perfume might be just as important as the dress, bouquet, or venue. Due to a quirk of our physiology, every time you wear that... Read more

Must read: Real life wedding crashers

Wedding crashers are no myth! Here are some true stories by real life wedding crashers & bridal parties who encountered wedding crashers on their big day from the forums of the... Read more

How to transport your wedding guests from ceremony to reception

You might be taking a Hot Rod from your ceremony to your reception, but have you given a thought to how your guests are getting to your venue? Here are some helpful ideas about how to get your... Read more

15 things to do in the first year of marriage

Your first year of forever has just begun and there is so much that lies ahead for you both, but before you cast your eyes to a future where you are old and grey, let's focus on the first 12 months... Read more

How successful couples use sense with their pence

The word budget pops up at every turn when you are planning a wedding, but once you are happily married and journeying into your ever-after, your finances should remain a high priority. Success in... Read more

Questions you should ask before getting married

In an ideal world, couples get engaged - and then married - already knowing they're on the same page when it comes to life's big issues. But sometimes, that's just not the case. Maybe they've... Read more

10 details that will make you want a winter wedding

If you're thinking of having a hot chocolate bar at your wedding or pulling out the roasting marshmallows, here are 10 details that will make you want a winter wedding. Remember: winter weddings are... Read more

5 delicious rosé cocktails for your wedding

In need of some delicious rosé cocktails for your wedding day? If you love a rosé as much as we do, you will love these gorgeous rosé cocktails (and so will your guests!): Frosé Frozen... Read more

What’s worth splurging for in your wedding budget

You will read countless articles that are designed to save you money when planning your wedding, but there are some areas of your big day that you don't want to Scrooge out on. These are the... Read more

10 tough wedding etiquette questions answered

Planning a wedding is fun, exciting, and at times can be complicated. Questions are constantly popping up and it can be hard to figure out what the 'done thing' is and how to avoid hurting feelings... Read more

Tips and tricks for a middle aged wedding

Are young lovebirds in their 20s and 30s the first thing you think of when someone utters the words 'wedding', 'bride', or 'groom'? What about the middle aged couples who get hitched? Are the rules... Read more

Essentials to survive a summer wedding

Are you currently planning a summer wedding? Sure, you might not run the same risk of rain that a winter wedding would, but that doesn't mean the weather will be pleasant all round. Since you DO live... Read more

Your pocket planner: Everything you need to plan your wedding

Embarking on your wedding planning journey? Allow Easy Weddings to become your best friend, and guide you through the (at times) stressful process that is wedding planning. With our help, planning... Read more

Ways to say “I love you” without having to say it

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…” Let’s face it, you’d probably giggle a little if your significant other started to spout traditional sonnets as a declaration of love. But let's... Read more

15 unconventional wedding gift ideas

If you've been invited to a wedding and the couple haven’t gone down the well-trodden gift registry or wishing well paths and have left gift ideas up to their guests, you could be excused for... Read more

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