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5 core characters in every group of bridesmaids

There are five definite character roles that each and every group of bridesmaids can be sorted into. Here's what they are - do any of these personas apply to your bridesmaids? [caption... Read more

How to choose bridesmaid dresses to suit all tastes

They are the leading ladies in your life and you have asked them to be by your side on one of the most important days of your life. They are your bridesmaids and you want them to shine (almost) as... Read more

How to pull off mismatched bridesmaid dresses

The rise of mismatched bridesmaid dresses has bridesmaids across the UK buzzing. They no longer have to live in a world where everyone shares the same dress regardless of shape, skin tone or style... Read more

Bridesmaid dresses and shoes: who pays?

The question of who pays for what at a wedding is an etiquette minefield. Some people have stringent traditional views whilst others take a very flexible approach, and the clashing of ideas can lead... Read more

Do bridesmaids have to look the same?

Bridesmaid dresses have a poor reputation. The phrase conjures up visions of unflattering toile, puffy sleeves, and eye-watering colours. Perhaps back in the eighties and nineties, this had some... Read more

How to rein in bratty bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are supposed to be there for you throughout planning, attend gown fittings, and be the voice of reason when you're tempted to give into those dark bridezilla thoughts. However,... Read more

10 signs your bridesmaid is a bridesmaidzilla

We've heard of the bridezilla, but although less common, there's another type of wedding diva that can be equally terrifying... The bridesmaidzilla. The bridesmaidzilla's natural habitat is bridal... Read more

25 texts all brides send their MOH

Being the right-hand of the bride can be lots of fun, but isn’t always easy. To give you a heads up on the events that are about to unfold, here are 25 texts all brides send their MOHs.  Let us... Read more

10 brides share their most annoying bridesmaid moments

They may be your besties but that doesn't mean they are perfect. We talked to dozens of brides about what things their beloved bridesmaids did that annoyed them and here are the very surprising... Read more

Bridesmaid bonding: fun things to do with your bridesmaids

Want to encourage some bridesmaid bonding? Organising some fun activities to do with your bridesmaids in the lead up to your wedding will help everyone get to know each other a little better - and... Read more

Bridal shower etiquette

The bridal shower is a pre-wedding ritual in which close female relatives and friends of the bride... Read more

How to write a (kick-ass) bridesmaid speech!

In the past, only the father-of-the-bride, the groom and the best man tended to give wedding speeches but, today, it could also be the bride, her mother, a close friend or, of course, her... Read more

10 things nobody tells you about being a bridesmaid

So you're going to be a bridesmaid - how exciting! But as much as you try and imagine the experience and prepare for it, it really has to be experienced to be fully understood. Coming from someone... Read more

Bridesmaid hairstyles Q&A

Bridesmaid hairstyles are often low on the list of priorities, below dresses, shoes, flowers, and accessories, but they’re a key part of the overall look. Here are a couple of questions brides... Read more

How to choose your bridesmaids

If you are like many women, you have thought about your wedding since you were a little girl. Where you would get married, what kind of ceremony you wanted to have, what you were going to wear, and... Read more

Help! I’m a bridesmaid but what do I do?

Being a bridesmaid can be confusing, after all, some end up doing lots for the wedding, while others need only turn up on the day looking gorgeous! If you're new to the role of bridesmaid, here is... Read more

10 duties every Maid of Honour should perform

If your best friend, sister, or cousin has just announced that she is getting married, you may be curious if she will ask you to be a bridesmaid. If you get the privilege of being the Maid of... Read more

10 phrases that’ll turn a bride into a bridezilla

Even the loveliest and most even-tempered of brides can crumble under the stress of wedding planning, so, whether you're the groom, a bridesmaid or a family member, here is some sage advice - unless... Read more

Three (big) bridesmaid dilemmas – and how to handle them

The relationship between a bride and her bridesmaids is, generally, a precious one. But that doesn't mean picking - and keeping - your attendants is always easy. Sometimes, things don't go... Read more

11 questions to ask before saying ‘yes’ to being a bridesmaid

Congratulations! You’ve been asked to be someone’s bridesmaid and your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be one filled with joy, celebration and plenty of (hopefully happy) tears!... Read more

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