7 key tips to accelerate your Instagram growth

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Updated on: March 24, 2022

Hoping to beat that pesky Instagram algorithm? Here are 7 of our key tips for reaching more potential clients and accelerating your Instagram growth.

instagram growth

1. Post often (and use a range of post types)

We post once per day, on average, but this isn’t necessary if you’re struggling for content. But 5-7 times per week is great. Use a variety of types of posts. Photos, video and do some live videos in stories as well. Even try different video styles like time-lapses and stop motions.

2. Join a pod

One way to hack the system is to create a group of 5-20 friends or colleagues and like and comment on one another’s posts. Many bloggers and influencers do this to get an edge and to up their engagement and to reach more people.

instagram growth

3. Study your hashtag use

Instead of using the same old hashtags for every single post, use RELEVANT hashtags and a mixture of bigger, more flooded hashtags like “#wedding” and more niche hashtags like “#londonbridetobe”. But ALSO remember that relevancy is key here.

4. Host a comp

Contest and competitions are a great way to get your audience engaged! You can team up with another wedding supplier and offer a discount for booking both of your services or give away a physical item, or a service. It’s up to you!

instagram growth


People seem to hear this tip and go… “oh yeah I should really do that…” and then carry on their merry way! But please check your analytics, and see which stories are being seen, which posts are being saved and which times you should be posting. It’s so important to analyse what your audience is enjoying and to post MORE of it.

6. Community Management

This is social media lingo for “please comment back”. Community management is the time you spend fostering a community out of your followers. You should be taking some time to check your comments, shares and mentions daily and chat with your community whenever you can. Show them your personality!

instagram growth

7. Collaborate

This one is very important for those who potentially don’t have enough content at their disposal. Do a collaboration with some other wedding professionals in the form of a full-scale styled shoot- or a simpler collab with just one other business, where you hire a photographer for a few hours and use each other’s skills to create something beautiful for your social media. The sky is the limit!

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